Monday, February 05, 2007

93 Million Watch Colts Beat Bears

More than 93 million Americans tuned in CBS last night to watch the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41. That is the second most viewers ever for the event. Only the 1996 Cowboys-Steelers matchup drew a larger audience. According to the Nielsen ratings, CBS' share for the game came in at 42.6, up from last year and one of the highest ratings recorded for the Super Bowl in recent years. The Nielsen rating for Indianapolis was over 82, slighly higher than the rating for the Chicago market.

A capacity crowd filled the RCA Dome tonight to welcome the Colts home--about 45,000. Seats offering no view of the stage were closed off. Thousands more were turned away. People lining the downtown streets for the parade had a very long wait. The parade started nearly 2 hours late due to a delay in the Colts flight back to Indy. I waited it out in the cold at the corner of Ohio and Meridian, but my camera didn't fare well in the cold. None of the pictures I took turned out. The Starbucks at the Radisson was doing a brisk business as the crowds sought warmth and something hot to drink.

6 comments: said...

It's hard to believe 207 million Americans don't own televisions.

Anonymous said...

The DOME WAS FULL - 55,000 strong. They had part of the dome sectioned off but more and more keep streaming in between 3 and 6 pm that they had toopen up the closed section. AT some point they had to STOP letting people into the dome.

IT was ROCKING and ROLLING when the team started to come into the dome.

Interestingly the Mayor got the least applause and many Booos when he was introduced.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I watched the game at Champps Circle Center on Sunday then celebrated on the circle with other fans. Hi-fives, kisses, and hugs with strangers were numerous.

Yesterday we stood in the Dome and gave up what was left of our voices as we screamed at the top of our heads for our team, its coaches, administrative staff and owner.

It was a once in a lifetime experience that we will NEVER forget!

Bless them Colts!

Anonymous said...

For once, Just once can we NOT politicize an event? Just ONCE? Let's enjoy the enjoy pure fun and excitement for just a bit longer.

Let us be positive, happy, and upbeat for a few more days before we go back to tearing each other apart. PLEASE!!!

Wilson46201 said...

It was too cold for sensible folk to be out gallivanting around in this arctic weather - I watched the homecoming events on TV. I was off in the kitchen when the introductions were made but I carefully listened to the crowd response. Bart received as tumultuous and loud reception as the rest of the dignitaries. No weakening of enthusiasm or boos could be heard on the TV soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

I like Bart, Wilson. I was there.

His applause was much, much less than the others, and I heard many boos. It wasn't very polite.

Glad you stayed warm.