Friday, February 23, 2007

Mayor Peterson Re-Elected By Default

Sorry folks, but the Marion County GOP dropped the ball big time. As a consequence, only token opposition has filed to run as a Republican for Indianapolis mayor, effectively sealing Mayor Bart Peterson's undeserved re-election to a third term. The Star reports that businessman Bob Parker, who the party was poised to support, dropped his bid after Matt Tully disclosed comments he made which were offensive to people of Jewish faith. The Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy reports that six unknowns filed for mayor on the Republican side. They are: Lawrence Shouse, David Moscrip, Greg Ballard, Michael Simpson, Darrell Morris and James Black. You can bet at least one or two of those were put up by Democrats to confuse voters, anticipating that Republicans would get their act together and find a credible candidate. Even the Democrats underestimated the ability of the Marion Co. GOP to beat itself.

Here'a rundown of the candidates filing for 25 district and at-large city-county council races:

J.M. Evans (D)-District 1
Charles Henderson (D)-District 1
Bruce Henry (R)-District 1

Angela Mansfield* (D)-District 2
Brownell Payne (D)-District 2
Bruce Schumacher (R)-District 2

Cody Kendall (D)-District 3
Ryan Vaughn* (R)-District 3

Christine Scales (R)-District 4
Pamela Hickman (D)-District 4
Carey Hamilton (D)-District 4

Ginny Cain*(R)-District 5
Rodney Bradburn (R)-District 5

Frank Scott, Jr. (D)-District 6
Janice McHenry (R)-District 6

Leroy Robinson (D)-District 7
Cherrish Pryor* (D)-District 7
Annette Johnson (D)-District 7

Monroe Gray*(D)-District 8

Tom Knapp (D)-District 9
Jackie Nytes*(D)-District 9

Danny White (D)-District 10
William Oliver*(D)-District 10

Michael Heacy (R)-District 11
Paul Bateman, Jr.* (D)-District 11

Michael McQuillen (R)-District 12
Sherron Franklin*(D)-District 12

Anna Peay (D)-District 13
Robert Lutz (R)-District 13

Marilyn Pfisterer*(R)-District 14
Gloria Harvey (D)-District 14

Patrice Abduallah*(D)-District 15

Will Jackson (D)-District 16
Brian Mahern (D)-District 16
Scott Keller*(R)-District 16

Mary Moriarty Adams*(D)-District 17
Gary Whitmore (R)-District 17
Jody Tilford (R)-District 17

Vernon Brown*(D)-District 18
Adam Longworth (R)-District 18
Bob Steiner (R)-District 18

Dane Mahern*(D)-District 19
David McGrath (R)-District 19
Harry Liggett (R)-District 19

Keric Fitzgerald (D)-District 20
Sue Day*(R)-District 20

David Young (R)-District 21
Benjamin Hunter (R)-District 21
Jon Katz (D)-District 21
Joe Billerman (D)-District 21

Stephen Terrell (D)-District 22
Bob Cochrum*(R)-District 22

Jeffery Cardwell (R)-District 23

Mike Speedy*(R)-District 24
Tyson Wray (R)-District 24

Lincoln Plowman*(R)-District 25

Ruth Hiland (R)-At Large
Jerry Sedam (R)-At Large
Michael Jezierski (R)-At Large
Michael Hegg (R)-At Large
Larry Cooper (R)-At Large
Kent Smith (R)-At Large
Barbara Malone (R)-At Large
Ed Coleman (R)-At Large
Lonnell Conley*(D)-At Large
Joanne Sanders*(D)-At Large
Odessa Alums-Shobe (D)-At Large
Rozelle Boyd*(D)-At Large
Ron Gibson*(D)-At Large
Harvey Knox (D)-At Large
Brent Clemmon (D)-At Large

* Denotes incumbent


Wilson46201 said...

Republicans should be a shoo-in this election. For years they hollered about losing because of busses full of dead, drunk Negroes racing from precinct to precinct in Center Township, repeatedly voting straight Democratic ticket. Thanks to the determined leadership of Todd Rokita, that new Voter-ID law will totally eliminate all that chicanery. GOP candidates in a newly-fair fight should be massively elected. A cakewalk. A slamdunk.

Or was all that whining about overwhelming election day fraud just a smokescreen to conceal the disintegration of Republican voter support? This election cycle should be the rebirth of the Marion County GOP. So why the gloom and doom?

Wilson46201 said...

AdvanceIndiana should hire a sharp paralegal to assist in research. From Marion County Clerk Beth White's online listing of filed candidacies:

David T. Moscrip Mayor Indianapolis Republican

Greg Ballard Mayor Indianapolis Republican

Michael A. Simpson Mayor Indianapolis Republican

Bart Peterson Mayor Indianapolis Democratic

Darrell E. Morris Mayor Indianapolis Republican

James W. Black II Mayor Indianapolis Republican

Charles A. Knight Mayor Indianapolis Democratic

Anonymous said...

So no Dem running against Ginny Cain? We'll have to support her primary opponent.

Geez I hate that bitch.

Wilson46201 said...

I despise that hateful bigot too but let's avoid the sexist language, OK?

credo said...

Larry Shouse, David Moscrip, Greg Ballard, Michael Simpson, James
Black II and Charles Knight will be challenge each other. While Bart Peterson stands alone.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The lengthy spreadsheet, Wilson, did not group the Indianapolis mayoral candidates with the other municipal candidates. She placed them between municipal candidates in Homecroft and Lawrence. Simple mistake, duly noted.

credo said...

Correction: Charles Knight will challenge Bart Peterson, so he does not stand alone.

Anonymous said... who bemoan 'vituperous comments..sexism..racism..discrimination'

Care to explain the following gem? I lifted it from the Star:

didn't bring up race, LosingHope did. GOP platform is crap. Abortion is the god-given right of all women, and conservative's attempt to outlaw it is an invasion. While security is clearly important, immigrant workers are needed to do jobs lazy Americans are too proud to do. People who go into law enforcement know what they're getting into, and if they get shot in the line of duty, well that's how it goes. Every one knows most of the cops are corrupt anyway, so it's no great loss. Again, the GOP platform is an affront to liberty and not worthy of further intellectual scrutiny.

Wilson46201 said...

Picking out one comment out of context is called "nutpicking" whereby an entire argument is tried to be demolished by the excesses of one statement by one person. It is also not unknown for wingnuts to fabricate allegedly "liberal" remarks to tilt against as strawmen. I neither made nor condone the comment you lift to display.

You, sir or madam, remain an anonymous nobody despite the peculiar comments you seek out to allegedly quote!

As the Gecko said on TV: "Let's not talk personalities - it's not about me, dear."

Anonymous said...

Damn Wilson! If someone had made a statement about gays that you did about police, you'd be shrieking for IP addresses, probably calling for a filing of hate crime charges. Let's see, paraphrasing you, how it would look:

"Gays who go into straight bars know what they're getting into, and if they get taken out into the country, burned and hung, well that's how it goes. Every one knows most of the gays are deviant and scum so it's no great loss"

You owe an apology to every Police Officer and his/her family, you hypocritical, forked tongued 'do as I say not as I do' sorry excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

AI - Can you indicate who the incumbetns are in each race.


Oh - and ditch wilson . . .

Wilson46201 said...

I neither made nor condone the nutpicked comment held out for inspection by the anonymous nobodies.

Some irrelevant folk are trying to hijack this thread into personalities instead of discussing the Marion County election races and the collapse of the Marion County GOP machine. Be serious!

Anonymous said...

From another blog:

The Eric Dickerson arrest record (complete with SSN) costs 16 cents - it's available right now to anybody with 16 cents at the Police Dept. The mugshot costs big bucks: $5.00 - it's all public records available to anybody for the standard fee. I could get a copy of a police report with Your personal information, and you are ok with that?

Anonymous said...

Comment #23, right here for all to check out:

You can call me 'irrelevant' all you want, but you have shown everyone how worthless you are regarding your lack of compassion and lack of tact, not to mention stereotyping of and rationalizing, if not approving of the murder of Police Officers

Wilson46201 said...

This is NOT the Wilson Allen thread so get off it.

Civilized folk are trying to discuss the collapse of the Marion County GOP - the anonymous nobodies in here are demonstrating so well why GOP politics are in the cesspool : irrelevant personality discussions and wedge issues instead of serious policy wonkery...

Anonymous said...

You cant have it both ways, Wilson: Live to blog, then get defensive when someone calls you out for a sickening comment you made.

I gave you a chance to admit, and apologize for your comments, not to mention your sheer, horrifying hypocrisy. Instead of heeding that advice, you continually deflect and lie.

So be it.

Wilson46201 said...

Any lying fool can go into the Star threads and assume any name whatsoever. There is no authentication or moderation whatsoever. Give me a few minutes and I could fabricate the most monstrous statements by Jocelyn Tandy, Mickey Mouse or Nancy Reagan. Who should I impersonate?

Once again, anonymous nobodies are trying to hijack this thread. Moderation may be in order ...

indyernie said...

I love it I leave you alone for a week or two and you piss off the entire blog-spire...great job Wilson.

Wilson46201 said...

Amusingly enough, the Fat Yellow Chicken wasnt at Bart's announcement event - were you guys up picketing a synagogue or something?

Anonymous said...

from The Indy Chicken,

“the Fat Yellow Chicken wasnt at Bart's announcement event - were you guys up picketing a synagogue or something?”

Wilson we won’t disrespect any Church or Temple.
That is an activity that only a leftist leaning socialist might try.
That said, we will not be joining you in your endeavor.
Please, don’t ask again.

Wilson46201 said...

Remind me again: why did your Republican Great White Hope for Mayor, Bob Parker, chicken out of running for office at the very last minute? Wasn't the Jewish Community Relations Council kinda ticked off at him for some grossly anti-Semitic remarks he made to a reporter?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wilson46201 said...

It is a total fake and unauthorized by me. This identity theft has been reported to Blogger/Google and to the FBI.

Anonymous nobodies are conducting a smear campaign and hijacking this thread. Discussing the fate of the GOP is a topic they dearly wish to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Gary, please HELP! The lunatic has taken over YOUR most excellent blog. I love you site, and I know other who do, but when 10 posts are by one yahoo, I don't know when I can read. On behalf of MANY, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Back to the subject:

Bby my count, this is a pretty sure 16 Dems elected to the council. A few more are very competitive, such as Dist. 16.
Our beloved Scott Keller amy get replaced witih--gasp!--yet another Mahern. (sigh) Is their fifteen minutes spread over the whole family, or allocated person-by-person?

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 6:10 PM

I would advise you to quit using and inserting my name in most of your comments on these blogs when you print false accusations unrelated to me. It has become very evident to everyone that you have a personal problem with me. I maintain that you are being paid to consistently harass me on these websites. I really don't mind discussing politics and my involvement in this city. I will not tolorate you defaming my character. I will meet you on the campaign trail.

Anonymous said...


The FBI doesn't care if someone took your blog ID. They have "terrorists" to catch. By looking at the box for comments, if you use a blogger ID you have to use a password. If you don't know the password, you can't post using an ID.