Monday, February 19, 2007

McGoff For Mayor?

Former Marion Co. Coroner John McGoff (R) is set to make an announcement tomorrow at the State House according to WTHR and the Indiana Daily Insight concerning his mayoral intentions. Some may recall that McGoff unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination for Secretary of State in 2002, losing to Todd Rokita at the state convention. McGoff is an emergency room physician at Community East Hospital.


Wilson46201 said...

A fitting choice indeed! The Marion County GOP positively needs emergency treatment ... STAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the guy go sick of dealing with all the shooting victims in Marion County?

Anyways, I hope he doesn't spend his own money on this lost cause. Marion County residents want to be controlled. They want to be on the government doll and want government involved in all aspects of their life.

Marion County is now a mixture of people wanting some mix of socialism and communism. Any true freedom loving individual would be smart to avoid living in Marion County.

Anonymous said...

Stop with the harrangue, 7:17. It's the whine of old elephants dying. Slowly.

Anonymous said...

Not so 9:17AM

Businessman Bob Parker for Mayor ov Bart Peterson. This elephant will stomp the donkey's ass.