Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Burton's Apology Rings Hollow

U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) ventured into the friendly confines of WIBC's "Garrison" radio talk show to explain why he missed a week's worth of critical votes last month to participate in a celebrity golf tournament in Palm Springs, Calif. "I thought there'd be a few (votes), but I'd already made these plans some time ago," The only explanation Burton could muster was that he scheduled the trip months before he knew the important votes would be scheduled. Burton said. "So I said, 'Well, I'll go ahead and go; if I miss a few votes, that's all right.' '' "I'd just say to my constituents that that was one of my mistakes that I've made that I shouldn't have made, and I apologize for it," Burton said. "I won't defend what happened. . . . But you show me any person that hasn't had a mistake or hasn't missed work once or twice because of something where they shouldn't have and I'll show you a perfect person, which I haven't met," he said.

Burton's poor excuse and lame apology don't add up. As the Star noted, "Over the past decade, Burton has missed House votes every year the House has been in session at the same time as the tournament: 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2001." If Burton were truly sincere about his apology, he would voluntarily dock his own pay for all the days of work he skipped to attend a tournament to which he obviously gave a higher priority than his congressional work.


Sir Hailstone said...

It really is time for fresh faces and new blood in Congress.

This goes for the 5th as well as the 7th CD's. Just tossing out names for the 5th - Mike Delph, Luke Kenley, there is former Hancock Co sheriff and state rep Nick Gulling.

For the 7th of course - hopefully Eric Dickerson will give it another run.

Mr. Clark & Mr. John would you two gentlemen agree?

Anonymous said...

So Burton says that if the Republicans had been running the show in December, they wouldn't have had any/many votes? In labor law, wouldn't this be the "past practice" rule? You know, "in the past when you didn't work you weren't punished so now you should expect that you don't have to work." If a union employee said this, Burton would be all over him for being lazy, dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant January.

Wilson46201 said...

It's likely Burton, Buyer and Pence will be hard at work back in Washington DC this week trying to defend George W Bush's misbegotten and endless War on Iraq. Congresslady Julia Carson opposed it and voted against it - she will continue to oppose it and vote against it.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Or if Burton were a private sector employee, can you imagine any employer who would tolerate an employee who is absent more than 10% of the time. Hardly not. Burton would be canned on the spot if he behaved that way in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

And his pay would be docked, Gary.

Did Garrison fawn over him, or question his judgment? Greg is so good at that, in other people with whom he disagrees often. Selective indignation...Hypocrite, thy definition is Garrison.

Delph for Burton's seat? Are you freaking kidding me? Have you ever spoken with him? Not a rocket scientist.

And isn't he on Burton's staff? Does he take a proportionate federal pay cut when he's working at the legislature? Who does his Congressional staff duty while he's at the legislature? Sort of invites the question, doesn't it?

Delph doesn't fall far from the Burton goofy tree. Or ethics tree.

Off with their heads. Since it MUST be a Republican, how about someone with a moral core, like Kenley? He's wrong on most of the issues, but I do not doubt his sincerity or ethics.

Please, before someone brings it up: NO to Mayor Brainard, who gives Napolean a bad name. He'd try to annex DC. And Rep. Cindy Noe, who makes Delph look smart.

There are bright, ethical Republicans throughout that district. It's time for one of them to step up and end part of Indiana's Congressional delegation embarrassment. Burton is a whack job and we've always known it. Not he's an AWOL whack job.

garyj said...

I agree with that one Hailstone.
We need a complete changeover in congress. Someone to represent Indiana, not just a few people.

As long as Julia shows up, Wilson. Burton AND Carson seem to have lost the map to D.C.

Anonymous said...

"George W Bush's misbegotten and endless War on Iraq. Congresslady Julia Carson opposed it and voted against it - she will continue to oppose it and vote against it."

War is never popular, but you can't support the troops and not support the war. Withholding funds for armor and bullet proof vest won't end the war sooner. It will only cause more boys and girls to come home in body bags. Carson and any Congressperson who withholds funds from the troops are traitors.

Anonymous said...

Both Party's have allowed these two representatives to serve with no accountability to the voters. Their loyalty is to the political Party and not the people. The 5th and the 7th districts deserve better.

The slating conventions and the party machine go along with them as long as neither one drops dead in the office. Very disappointing.
Andy Jacobs proimised to take care of Carson from the beginning. One of the reason the Democrat Party tolerates her BS for now, it is time for them to go and collect their federal pensions.