Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And Indiana Wants To Be A Leader In Bio-Life Sciences?

Gov. Mitch Daniels' proposal to privatize the Hoosier Lottery and use the proceeds from the sale to invest in higher education to stem Indiana's "Brain Drain" has become somewhat of a paradox. Yesterday, the Senate adopted by a vote of 32-17 an amendment authored by the chamber's resident religious wing nut, Sen. Jeff Drozda (R-Westfield), which bars any grant funds from being used to conduct embryonic stem cell research. The extremist position was favored by, well, the entire Senate Republican caucus. The Senate went on to approve the Lottery privatization today on third reading. Here's the list of Republican senators voting in favor of Drozda's amendment:

Alting Gard Long Steele
Becker Heinold Lubbers Walker
Boots Hershman Merritt Waltz
Bray Jackman Miller Waterman
Delph Kenley Mishler Weatherwax
Dillon Kruse Nugent Wyss
Drozda Landske Paul Young, M
Ford Lawson Riegsecker Zakas
Hat tip to Taking Down Words for catching this one.


Anonymous said...

This kind of fanaticism ensures none of the best and brightest researchers will come to Indiana.

Wilson46201 said...

Of course, they're already writing off LBGT researchers at state universities. Why move to Indiana when partner support is available in other states at other universities?

Next they will try to close down Purdue's space research labs since all good Christians know the world is flat and the moon trips were faked by liberals in a Hollywood studio...

Anonymous said...

Wilson is right, as I'm sure that sermon is already being preached in my sorry home town of KKKokomo.