Friday, January 29, 2016

Star On The Ugly Hamilton County GOP Chairman Race

Apparently the stench coming out of Hamilton County from the race to become the next Hamilton County Republican Chairman reached a point that even the Indianapolis Star could no longer ignore it. Here's some of what Chris Sikich writes today:
Hamilton County politics have turned personal and divisive as Republican Party officials on Saturday seek to appoint a new chairman.
Fishers City Council President Pete Peterson and Carmel City Councilwoman Laura Campbell are vying for the position, which is crucial for organizing the party during elections . . .
The vacancy comes after Pete Emigh unexpectedly resigned Dec. 31 after about five years in the position. Emigh was criticized during his tenure for supporting some Republicans over others in primary races. Before leaving office, he quietly filled 71 vacant precinct positions.
Political insiders say the eleventh-hour appointments largely are among people likely to support Peterson, a political ally of Emigh's. The appointments include Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness, Fishers city employees, business people who work with Fishers, and Peterson's daughter.
The situation gets more intriguing. Campbell, the county party vice chair, took over as acting party chair Dec. 31. She said she was surprised at that point to discover the late appointments had been made. She said Emigh did not follow the correct notification procedures to appoint precinct officials, an allegation he denied. She dismissed those 71 appointments.
But that decision did not stand for long.
Fadness appealed his dismissal to the Indiana Republican Party, which decided this week to reinstate all of Emigh's appointments.
But there's a catch. If the 71 appointments give Peterson the victory, Campbell can appeal the decision to the state Republican Party . . .
An anonymous letter was sent to county party officials this week detailing arrests and convictions for Peterson for giving fictitious information, resisting law enforcement, writing bad checks and driving on a suspended license in North Carolina. Allegations also have circulated about his bankruptcy, which was filed in 2011.
Peterson feels like he is being unfairly targeted for past mistakes. He sent out a letter to county party members that he is in his 24th year of sobriety and made bad decisions as a younger man that he regrets. He blamed the more recent bankruptcy on family medical issues. More than $50,000 of the $167,086 listed in his bankruptcy filing are directly related to medical expenses. The remainder are credit expenses.
He was surprised and disappointed by the letter . . .


Anonymous said...

So, one could make an appeal to the same people who have no regard for the rules in the first place? Isn't this a story line taken from Catch 22? It is quite interesting to observe the on going corruptions up there that stem from Republicans fleeing Marion County and the corruptions of Bart Peterson.....only to establish their own corruptions and corrupt their State Party as well.

Chris Sikich said...

I'm the one who broke the story last year detailing the fracturing in the party. Of course I followed up on it.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks for sharing, Chris. Look into Ersal's town hall gig in Zionsville.

Anonymous said...

Of course the crony Republicans in Hamilton County are shoulder-deep in corruption and dishonesty and the twisting of Party rules to benefit the favored.

That's where BG, DB, and SB reside.

They did it here in Marion County and they now cast their dark shadows over Hamilton County.

Anonymous said...

From the Fissure Shitty Counts-hell to Car-maul they is a lot of hog fat 'n Ham County...

Anonymous said...

...among other local and state government corruption stories, Chris! Lots of dead rats in and around central Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Peterson laments a level of "unfairness" when it involves him, but doesn't care about unfairness when rules are disregarded which hurt his opponent and the integrity of the voting process. What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

New town hell in Lyin's-ville?

Anonymous said...

So you have a Fishers Council Prez against one of Brainard's bobbleheads. Talk about your South Park "Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich" elections!

Anonymous said...

Follow the money:

Shamrock PAC received $92,250 in 2013 and 2014. Percentage breakdown by location:

74%: Outside Hamilton County
18%: Hamilton County, non-Westfield
5%: Hamilton County, Westfield
3%: Outside Indiana

Percentage breakdown by industry:

84%: Engineering and construction
13%: Law firm
3%: Misc. real estate, insurance, utility, prison


When it's so damn obvious which public officials are being bought, and who's buying them, is it any surprise that Shamrock PAC disbanded so hastily?