Monday, January 18, 2016

UK Parliament Debates Banning Trump From Entering Country

The British government rolls out the red carpet to some of the world's worst and most brutal dictators, notably the Saudi king and the sexually-abusive princes who populate the House of Saud, and every tin-pot dictator on the African continent with whom it conducts business on the down low. Even more disturbing, its top political leaders, including many members of parliament, past prime ministers and cabinet members, and some of the country's top cultural icons have been part of an elite pedophile ring that has operated in the British Commonwealth with impunity for decades. Yet these clowns seriously debated whether Donald Trump should be banned from entering their country because of his immigration views? I've never traveled to Great Britain and now I have a perfect excuse never to visit the country.

It's quite fascinating that America's most prominent Muslim leader, Louis Farrakhan, sides with Donald Trump on this issue. That's something the mainstream media won't discuss. Farrakhan's comments are remarkably prescient. Farrakhan has a much better pulse on how Muslims in war-torn countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria feel about America than most of the so-called experts. Our nation has earned the distrust and hatred many Muslims have towards our country because of the policies we've pursued to exploit their natural resources that have brought nothing but devastation and human rights deprivations to their countries.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could ban him in the US. Trump reminds me of Flint water. Toxic.