Monday, January 25, 2016

Rubio Mocks Washington Post Story Discussing Misdemeanor Arrest As 18-Year Old

A few days ago, the Washington Post ran a rather lengthy story on Marco Rubio discussing what seems like a very benign misdemeanor arrest at a Miami park one night in the summer of 1990 after closing time with two other male teen-age friends, who were found in a car drinking beer. The two Post reporters put a lot of time into investigating an arrest that's not particularly unusual for teen-aged kids or offensive. Rubio's campaign wasted no time in producing an ad mocking his crime spree as a teen-ager. So it begs the question of why The Post felt compelled to write so much about it? Not surprisingly, there seems to have been a sub rosa purpose behind the story.

The reporters wanted you to know that the Alice C. Wainwright Park wasn't just any ordinary park along Biscayne Bay. The park was a "notorious locale in the late 1980s and early 90s, a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes (straight and gay) and gang members." The reporters describe this as being a bad period of time for Rubio, who had just finished his first year of college at a small Missouri college where his grades were poor and he suffered a neck injury playing football. "He was hurting for money," The Post reporters declared. Reading between the lines, the reporters were trying to hint of a possibility Rubio was doing more than just hanging out drinking with his buddies trying to pick up girls. Perhaps he was cruising the park for "gay for pay" sex with the older men who frequented the park looking for sex with young male prostitutes. The reporters didn't miss pointing out that Rubio's brother-in-law had been convicted the previous year for his role in a major cocaine drug ring based in Miami.

Doing a quick Google search, it didn't taken long to find a lengthy discussion at the Reddit social media site discussing the arrest in greater detail. Someone did further digging and disclosed that one of the young men with whom Rubio was found sitting in the car drinking beer with Rubio was Angel  Barrios, who it turns out later owned property where a business making gay pornography was made. According to the Reddit post, Barrios was sued by the city of Miami in 2007 for  illegally allowing a gay porn business to be operated out of house he owned in a neighborhood strictly zoned for residential use. The gay porn site operated out of Barrios' property at the time is (NSFW). Flava Works, incidentally, is the same porn site where an 18-year old Indianapolis male teen, Kameryn Gibson, went to work as a porn actor in 2011 after he made headlines by accusing a former Indianapolis lawmaker of hiring him for sex at the J.W. Marriott, Flava Works primarily markets black and Latino gay pornography. As the Reddit post sums it up:
So, in 1990, Marco Rubio was found by the police “hanging out” in a parked car, in a dark and secluded park with a reputation as a gay cruising spot, with another young man who he was very very close to, who he lived with after high school, who went on to run a gay pornography studio out of one of his properties. Obviously, nothing is definitive here; unfortunately there is no photo of Angel and Marco caught naked together. But all the facts added together, along with the fact that Rubio has been dogged with rumors about his sexuality for his entire career, do seem to be awfully, awfully suspicious.
Is there more to these rumors? If a blind item at an infamous Hollywood gossip website, "Crazy Days and Nights" is to be believed, there may be. "This presidential candidate, who still has a good chance of winning, made a gay porn back in the day," the blind item reads. You can guess who the most popular guess is with Ted Cruz running a close second.

Barrios, by the way, spoke to The Post reporters about his relationship with Rubio. Barrios, who is described as the owner of a coin-operated laundry business, told The Post they were "just messing around, partying . . . trying to pick up girls." The Reddit post claims the Barrios who owned the coin-operated laundry business is the same Barrios who owns Flava Works. The company is actually owned by a Chicago businessman, Phillip Bleicher, who rented Barrios' property. Barrios, who was a year behind Rubio in school, spoke approvingly to The Post reporters of his "old friend" whom he says he still runs into occasionally. He claims Rubio harbored presidential ambitions at that young age. "I remember Marco Rubio saying he wanted to be the first Hispanic president of the Untied States. Rubio wrote a senior year dedication to Barrios, bequeathing him his "ability to avoid getting killed."

During the 2008 presidential election, there was more than just idle gossip about Barack Obama's gay past in Chicago and even Hawaii. Two weeks before the Iowa Caucus vote, Donald Young, the gay choir director at Obama's church who had spoken about his gay relationship with Obama, was found shot to death in his South Side apartment. Chicago Police made no effort to solve that crime, and Young's mother had been warned by police not to make waves about the investigation of her son's murder. Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen was the only reporter on the national scene who went into the weeds in Chicago and uncovered Obama's notorious proclivity for cruising a gay bath house in Chicago, Man's Country, for gay sex on the down low. Madsen's reporting was dismissed by the mainstream media just like his reporting many years ago before Dennis Hastert was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives that Hastert had been asked to leave his job as a high school teacher and wrestling coach in Yorkville, Illinois because of inappropriate relationships he had with male students. Madsen was vindicated when Hastert was charged and pleaded guilty last year to making illegal hush payments to a man he had sexually abused decades ago when the man was a teenager.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting local TV news story that aired in Miami at the time when residents of the neighborhood were demanding the gay porn business run out of the home owned by Rubio's friend, Angel Barrios, be shut down: It turns out there is a Chicago connection to it. The man who founded Flava Works, Phillip Bleicher, originally ran it in Chicago before health department officials there sought to close it down.


Anonymous said...

Rubio should have sought out Dick Lugar for advice on how to keep old arrest records like this one out of the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

If this turns out to be true, Rubio may fall from third to fourth in the Republican field. In a sense, not a big deal but it keeps him off the medal stand. In terms of his future book deal and Lifetime movie, it may actually help since America is presently obsessed with all things gay and Marco appears to the naked, heterosexual eye to be about as gay as they come.

Anonymous said...

And the country continues to fall into the abyss at the hands of the media/industrial/military complex. We have failed as a country for not critically thinking on our own.

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