Thursday, January 21, 2016

"See Something, Say Something" Gets Innocent Muncie Welder Fired From His Job, Branded ISIS Terrorist

This is the world in which we now live thanks to the fabricated ISIS threat our U.S. government and its allies created as an excuse to strip everyone in the free world of what few individual rights they have left. Some workers at Muncie's Progress Rail, a locomotive manufacturing subsidiary of Caterpillar, made up a rumor of a welder being an ISIS supporter. Despite there being no evidence to support the rumor after questioning by the company's HR personnel and even a visit and an intrusive interrogation by a local FBI agent, Tim Simmons is out of the job he held for the past four years. Here's how the Muncie Star-Press explains Simmons' ordeal:
Simmons said he was aware of ISIS and its role in worldwide terror last September, when he said a co-worker at the Cowan Road plant approached him during a cigarette break and asked about ISIS.
"He was like, 'Man, have you seen what's going on?'" Simmons said, adding that the coworker — who The Star Press attempted to contact through a Facebook message — claimed that ISIS had training camps in Indiana.
"He started smiling and laughing and said, 'Tim, you're probably in with them,'" Simmons said. "I look at him and say, 'OK, what if I am?' We all started laughing and joking."
Simmons said the co-worker continued to talk to Simmons and other welders about ISIS between September and December. Simmons said he also declined to help the co-worker move, saying that he didn't want to get his new pickup truck scratched.
On Dec. 14, Simmons said, he was called into the human resources office at Progress Rail.
"When they had me in the office, (they) asked, 'Did you say you were in with (ISIS)?'" Simmons said. "'Did you say anything about blowing up the building?' I said no."
Simmons said he was told that someone had sent a text message to a plant official "saying I was ISIS and I was going to blow the building up. I said, 'You're kidding me.'"
He was escorted from Progress Rail that day and was told he would be contacted by the FBI.
"I'm looking out my window, waiting for somebody to show up at my house," Simmons said. "I hear a car door, I look out. This made me nervous."
On Dec. 16, Sheridan went to the northside Muncie house where Simmons and his wife, Paula, live.
Simmons said Sheridan, a two-term Delaware County sheriff who has long been known by The Star Press to work with the Department of Justice, introduced himself and made small talk about Simmons' Harley-Davidson shirt and admired Simmons' motorcycle, parked in his garage.
"He asked me if I had Facebook or Twitter and he took all my passwords and user IDs," Simmons said. "He asked if I had a passport, if I had ever flown, if we've been on vacation this year, if I thought about building a pipe bomb, do I have electrical certifications." Simmons said he showed Sheridan around his house and maintained that Sheridan quickly determined there was nothing suspicious there.
Later that night, Simmons said, he was contacted by a Progress Rail representative and told that he had been fired.
"I told (the HR officer) that they found nothing, that they cleared me," Simmons said. "She said, 'Due to our internal investigation, you are terminated.'"
"After almost four years out there," he said. "I never clocked in a minute late. I worked all the overtime they needed when they couldn't get anyone else to do it." . . . 
So just like that, an innocent American is branded a terrorist, escorted from his job and fired. Adding insult to injury, Simmons can't find a job and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development has deemed him ineligible to receive unemployment benefits based upon the lie told by one of his co-workers. And may Komatsu continue to kick Caterpillar's butt if its HR department is this f _ _ _ ed up.

Ironically, Democrats in the U.S. Senate, including Indiana's Sen. Joe Donnelly (D) voted yesterday to block enhanced background investigations for the more than 100,000 Syrian refugees President Barack Obama plans to resettle in the United States. because it would be politically incorrect to ask these refugees about any possible ties to terrorism they have. They only come from a country in which arms and weapons  were funneled by the United States to topple President Assad have been used to kill and maim hundreds of thousands of Syrians, wipe out their homes and communities and subject to almost every conceivable human deprivation known to mankind.

Yet innocent Americans like Simmons are being subjected to enhanced interrogations by their own government and having their lives destroyed because of a terrorist threat our own CIA funded, armed and trained to wreak havoc in the Middle East and elsewhere as part of their sick and twisted agenda to allow the global elites to become richer while they enslave the masses. It's absolutely sickening, and it's why so many people have lost total faith in their government and see little hope for the future of this country.


Anonymous said...

I guess Ted Nugent said it best, in a Facebook post yesterday, to wit:

“Our unholy rotten soulless criminal America destroying government killed 4 Americans in Banghazi. Period! What sort of chimpass punk would deny security, turn down 61 requests for security, then tell US forces to STAND DOWN when they were ready to kickass on the allapukes & save American lives! Obama & Clinton, thats who. They should be tried for treason & hung. Our entire fkdup gvt must be cleansed asap.”

Now there's a republican man. And Boom goes the dynamite.

Anonymous said...

This sad episode is also heavily attributable to the fact that Hoosiers are just very stupid people.

They're also very petty, bitter and losers.

leon dixon said...

Unions overplayed their hand at that plant. Had they not this fellow might have had a decent recourse. Of course, one cannot rely upon Gannett reporting and the Muncie Star Press is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Blame democrats all you want, it's probably good therapy for your simple mind.

Facts are facts and it is the republican brand that pushes fear, FEAR.

Had it not been for George W Bush's invasion of Iraq, ISIS would not exist. Sure, Sadam Hussain was a brutal dictator, someone has to be tough over there and now thanks to the republican FEAR machine USA has broken Iraq and eventually we will pay for it.

But keep blaming democrats, and f#uck 9/11 and all the shortfalls that allowed it to happen, focus on bengazi and maybe after spending 50 million taxpayer dollars, you might uncover something.

Anonymous said...

Put the blame entirely on Progress Rail and rat boy. As far as any government entity is concerned they are doing what is required in following up on a reported threat. When it comes to worker rights, corporations rule the roost. If you think they make the laws now that affect public life, just wait for the TPP.

Flogger said...

I was trying recently to explain to my 12 year old grandson about the totalitarian state, informants and torture. I told my grandson that under a totalitarian state, the expectation is you are to inform or rat out other people. A failure to be an informant can also be punished. Torture can also be used to extract confessions.
I gather this company is not unionized since the union could have come to worker's defense. The Fascist totalitarian state really does not want free and independent unions.
The Fascists here the USA have long been on the outlook for any organization that can threaten their rule such: Socialists, Unions or an independent press corp. Creating demons and then witch hunts are a critical piece. Keep the people frightened of someone.
We saw this play out with GWB's Gulf War 2. People who questioned the invasion of Iraq had their patriotism questioned and the McMega-Media Press was not only neutered but served as a cheerleader for War. We even had torture that was justified.

Anonymous said...

He certainly has an open and shut slander suit.
He should contact a lawyer immediately.

Downtown Indy said...

"A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all away." Here we see a small sample of that in actual operation.

72 percent of the American people view the federal government as a bigger threat to the future of the country than big business or big labor.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you 406 PM. Call a lawyer and sue. Sue employees. Sue the company. Sue the union. Go after all of them.

I remember hearing "rumors" about me being pregnant and fired for drugs. ha! Where that had started is anyone's guess. Over ten years later I don't have a dependent and I am still working at the same company.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the other folks. Sue the living hell out of the employees, the HR staff, the company, etc. Defamation, tortious interference with economic relations, wrongful termination, the whole book.