Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Guyer Institute Employee Previously Verified Manning Accuser's Employment In 2011

Shortly after Al Jazeera released the findings of its bombshell documentary in which a former pharmacy intern for the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis accused former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning of receiving HGH treatments at the clinic to help repair his neck following surgery in 2011 that sidelined him for the season, Dr. Dale Guyer released a statement to the media in which he stated that the man at the center of the allegations, Charlie Sly, had only worked for his clinic as an unpaid pharmacy assistant for three months in 2013 after Manning stopped visiting the clinic, not in 2011 when Sly alleged the treatments occurred.

Al Jazeera has released a recording of a call it made to the Guyer Clinic prior to airing its documentary in which an employee of the Guyer Institute identified as "Heather" verified Sly's employment started on October 17, 2011 and last no more than three months, contradicting Dr. Guyer's assertion that his employment took place in 2013. Here's the full text of Guyer's statement following the airing of the documentary:
Charles Sly was never an employee of The Guyer Institute. At the time in question, Mr. Sly was a pharmacy student in Nevada who emailed my office a request for an internship. Arrangements for his internship, including the specific start and end dates, were made through his school adviser.
Mr. Sly began his unpaid student internship with us on February 18th, 2013. He had no patient responsibilities at any time. Further, he had no affiliation with our office prior to February 18th, 2013 and has had none subsequent to the conclusion of his internship in May of 2013.
Ari Fleischer, a former Bush White House press secretary hired by Manning as a media specialist, first told the Denver Post that Sly had not been employed by the Guyer Institute in 2011 when Manning received his treatments there. Sly also claimed his employment took place in 2013 in a video statement he released late Saturday night recanting all of the allegations he made about Manning's treatment at the Guyer Institute while being secretly-recorded by Liam Collins, who conducted the investigation while working under cover for Al Jazeera. I suppose it's possible that Guyer's employee got the date wrong when she provided his verification of employment to Al Jazeera. Or perhaps the damage control efforts have spun a bit out of control. It wouldn't be a first for Ari Fleischer, who was repeatedly caught in much bigger lies by White House reporters when he served as a spokesman for President George W. Bush. Sly, who Guyer says was attending school in Nevada, obtained his Indiana pharmacy intern license on April 27, 2010, and it expired on May 1, 2013. I'm not sure why he would have acquired his intern license way back in 2010 if he didn't plan to work in Indiana as an intern until 2013.

The Al Jazeera reporter Deborah Davies defended her documentary on the Today Show this morning. She insists their report did not allege Manning was taking HGH, only that shipments of HGH were being regularly sent by the clinic to her at an address in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Who put Manning in touch with a Bush crony?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Fleischer is married to Rebecca Davis, a Greenfield native who worked at the OMB when Mitch Daniels headed up that agency under President Bush. They were married here in Indianapolis at the Westin Hotel in 2002. Perhaps his wife helped him make the connection to Manning.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Charles Sly was a student at Purdue at one time. Dr Guyer is a graduate of Purdue. The Guyer Insitute is not a fly by night operation. They count a lot of local prominent and wealthy people among their patients
I do not believe that Manning took the treatments to increase athletic performance but rather as a means to try to heal his injuries so he could play again. If there is serious medical evidence that HGH can help cure injuries without having serious side effects perhaps the NFL should decide on a confidential case by case basis if injured players can receive these treatments legitimately. However, HGH should never be allowed to just simple enhance athletic performance.
If Manning was receiving HGH treatments after the substance was banned then he needs to take whatever he has coming to him. By the way, Manning has a lot to lose. He makes $12 million alone yearly off his endorsements. Ask Tiger Woods what it's like to lose endorsement $$.

Anonymous said...

Look. It's obvious the report is very strong. What we've got now is people trying to CYOA. For the Colts to out right lie is interesting. I think this won't end well for manning and the colts. The FBI will probably end up involved. No wonder they are layering up. The NFL should suspend him and the Colts management pending the results.