Thursday, December 10, 2015

Russell Taylor Gets 27 Year Sentence

Russell Taylor (left) with Fogle in happier days (Times Record Photo)
It's a pretty harsh sentence for the crime. Russell Taylor, the former executive director of The Jared Foundation was handed a 27-year sentence in federal prison for his role in the child pornography exploits that brought down his former best friend and boss, Jared Fogle. Taylor pleaded with Judge Tanja Walton Pratt to show mercy on him for his crimes of producing and distributing child porn. He claimed to be the victim of abuse as a child, both physical and sexual. He blamed his exploits in recent years on the encouragement and enticement Fogle gave to him in his role as his boss and principal means of financial support. Judge Pratt wasn't moved. His 27-year sentence is considerably longer than Fogle's 15 year sentence. It was less, however, than the 35-year maximum sentence sought by federal prosecutors. Taylor unsuccessfully attempted to take his own life while being held in jail following his initial arrest earlier this spring.


Anonymous said...

"It's a pretty harsh sentence for the crime."

Tell that to all the kids who now have naked videos of them circulating around the Internet for pedophiles to watch and jerk off to.

Gary R. Welsh said...

He wasn't accused of having sex with kids like Jared was. Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

Making kiddie porn is as bad as having sex with children. Jared deserves the same sentence as this scum. I hope they both rot in hell.

Sir Hailstone said...

Goes to show perhaps money DOES buy some leniency. Fogle and Taylor did pretty much the same variety of sex related crimes and Fogle will serve a little more than half the time that Taylor will serve.

Anonymous said...

Without detracting from the heinous nature of Fogle's and Taylor's crimes, I began to think while reading the story how swiftly federal prosecutors can move... when they damn well please and when they want to move.

Here in Indianapolis, corrupt Republican Mayor Greg Ballard can break criminal and civil laws almost ad infinitum, give a multibillionaire a fifteen year monopoly without any legal authority allowing that "award", and the citizenry stand by watching the authorities, hell- any authority for that matter, do not a damn thing.

You just gotta ask how much under the table, or how much in future "speaking fees" (a la Bill and Hillary) has been promised, just what and how much did they grease his palms with?