Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Denver Post's Fast Facts About Al Jazeera Documentary

The Denver Post's Matt Dolloff provides ten relevant facts I recommend to anyone interested in understanding just the facts regarding the substance of the revelations from an Al Jazeera documentary on the use of performance enhancement drugs by professional athletes in the U.S. as they relate to Peyton Manning. I'm certain Dolloff's summary is less than comforting to Manning, his PR machine and his lackeys in the mainstream media. Here's a quick summary of what Dolloff tells us:

1. It's illegal to prescribe human growth hormones ("HGH") for off-label use. Unless you suffer from growth hormone deficiency, are wasting away because of HIV-AIDS or suffer from short bowel syndrome, it's illegal for your doctor to prescribe HGH to you.

2. The Guyer Institute has prescribed HGH in the past based on the personal account given by our most well-known local sports reporter, WTHR-TV's Bob Kravitz, who claims he was once prescribed HGH to treat a medical disorder by Dr. Guyer without success. The medical disorder described by Kravitz did not fit within the permitted medical conditions for treatment with HGH.

3. The Al Jazeera documentary quotes a former pharmacy intern at the Guyer Institute, Charlie Sly, as claiming the clinic regularly shipped HGH to Ashley Manning at an address in Florida.

4. Manning's spokesman confirmed Ashley Manning was a patient at the Guyer Institute and had a prescription with the clinic, the identity of which the Mannings have not disclosed. Manning has confirmed he was a patient there as well in 2010 for treating his neck injury, although he strongly denies he ever received HGH from the clinic.

5. Al Jazeera's documentary never directly accused Peyton of using HGH, although the subject matter of the documentary naturally led those reacting to the report, including Peyton, to infer just that. Sly's original claims strongly implied the HGH shipped to Ashley was actually for Peyton.

6. Al Jazeera is a reputable news organization despite its perception that it is aligned with radical Islam. Dolloff notes the news organization has won numerous awards for its reporting, including two Peabody Award wins for documentaries in 2014.

7. Peyton Manning has never denied Al Jazeera's allegation that HGH had been shipped to Ashley Manning in the past.

8. Sly has a motive to recant his allegations now that they've been aired because of potential liability he faces for violating the federal HIPAA law protecting patients from disclosure of their medical information.

9. Al Jazeera obtained verbal confirmation from the Guyer Institute that Sly had worked at its Indianapolis clinic for three months starting in October 2011, not the later 2013 date the clinic claimed he worked after the documentary aired.

10. The NFL is taking the allegations serious enough to begin a review of the information disclosed by the documentary.

UPDATE: The Star adds some more, unflattering news about Dr. Guyer. He's been going through a protracted divorce with his wife for more than five years, who accuses him of failing to file income tax returns since 2006 either personally or on his businesses. The Star says the IRS has filed numerous liens against him. His step-son, James Lockhart, III, died in a shoot-out with Fortville police in 2012 after he was stopped for a broken taillight. Police found a pound of marijuana and six guns in the car. Officer Matt Fox survived gunshot injuries from that shootout. Here's the most relevant information for the current allegations surrounding HGH:
In 2007, Guyer's name showed up in a federal indictment against Thomas Bader and his company, College Pharmacy of Colorado Springs, Colo. It alleged that Guyer received illegal Chinese HGH from College Pharmacy in February 2007. A jury found Bader guilty in 2010 and he was sentenced to 40 months in prison.
So the feds knew this as far back as 2007 but left Dr. Guyer untouched. Why? Oh, and guess who Guyer was once a business partner. He was a partner in a business known as Guyer Durham LLC. That would be convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham. The bankruptcy trustee for Fair Finance obtained a $268,990 judgment against the partnership in 2012 for what the trustee described as "fraudulent transfers." For those of you reading this blog from outside of Indiana, if you haven't figured this out yet, our city is a freaking cesspool of corruption. We badly need the intervention of the Justice Department to send most of our city and business leaders to prison, but we can't get their help.

Here's a WISH-TV news story of the 2012 shoot-out involving Guyer's step-son.


Downtown Indy said...

But you know what's really interesting to me? The fact that I465/I69 is being overhauled and rebuilt yet another time, for yet another pile of millions of dollars. Good money after bad. I've lost track how many times it's been re-done but it never really eases the crushing traffic flow. Maybe that area of the county really DOES need mass transit of some kind. It looks like getting the people out of their cars is the only hope for ending the gridlock.

Sir Hailstone said...

D.I. -

Not quite true. The portion of I-69 you refer to that's been expanded and re-done a couple of times now is the stretch from 82nd Street to exit (2)10 [the old SR238, the Deer Creek exit]. The actual I-465/I-69 junction itself and I-465 from about the 35 mile marker over to about the 40 mile marker has been unchanged for quite some time. The short ramp distance on the loops from E/B 465 to N/B 69 and N/B Binford to W/B 465 needs addressing and the missing ramp from N/B 465 to S/B Binford.

Mass transit was tried there and it failed. Remember the ICE bus from Fishers to downtown?

But what does this have to do with Al Gorzeera?

Anonymous said...

Skip Lockhart was a drug dealer. That helps explain the Tim Durham connection. Where does Carl Brizzi fit in?

Anonymous said...

Manning was good for the Colts, and the Colts are seen as good for Indy's business. If you take care of the team, Indy takes care of you.

Anonymous said...

Is Carl Brizzi still partners with Manning in Harry & Izzy's?

Anonymous said...

The Denver Post is a real newspaper that, even after the loss of the Rocky, still takes its investigative mandate pretty seriously. I'm not surprised. They are in a different league than the local rag.

Downtown Indy 7:06, a bit off topic but since Gary allowed the comment I'll add my two cents. INDOT is pretty hopeless. The 465-74 interchange on the west side that was recently (last 5 years) built is horribly inadequate and not up to modern standards. It goes from 4 lanes to two immediately after the ramps from both NB and SB 465 merge. That's extremely dangerous and completely avoidable. Simply extend the merge lanes another half mile like they do in 49 other states and the problem is solved. Either than or make the NB ramp onto 74 one lane instead of two. What difference does it make since it goes to 1 anyway? The ramp merge onto NB 465 from Crawfordsville road and 74 E is also a cluster...needlessly dangerous. INDOT is either staffed morons for engineers or they do this on purpose so that it has to be ripped out and rebuilt again...I'm not sure which. Given that it's Indiana, it could be either.

Anonymous said...


gives a better summary than the attack ad on this site

Anonymous said...

And, it does not help when the mainstream media (i.e., Indianapolis Star) write hand-job pieces for the corrupt outgoing mayor and his cronies!

Flogger said...

Al Jazeera has had some interesting encounters with the US Military. From WIKI - in April 2004 US Marines were assaulting Fallujah. Al Jazeera reporters were in the city providing video footage of the conflict. U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld described Al Jazeera's coverage as "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable." Al Jazeera reporters defended their live broadcasts of the civilian casualties by stating "the pictures do not lie".
Al Jazeera's offices have previously been hit by United States weaponry. On 13 November 2001 a U.S. missile hit Al Jazeera's office in Kabul, Afghanistan, during the U.S. invasion of that country. Although no Al Jazeera staff were hurt in the attack, the building was destroyed and some employees' homes were damaged. At the time, Mohammed Jasim al-Ali, managing editor, said that the coordinates of the office were well known to everyone including the Americans.

On 8 April 2003 a U.S. missile hit an electricity generator at Al Jazeera's office in Baghdad. The resulting fire killed reporter Tareq Ayyoub and wounded another staff member.

I did see a mention on the TV that if the Mannings decide to take any legal action it opens them up. Too bad Al Jazeera does not send a crew of reporters here to Indiana to start connecting the dots.

Anonymous said...

HGH is also used by people experiencing infertility. It isn't a big secret that the Mannings struggled with this. Perhaps the HGH was really for Ashley. And maybe she doesn't want to talk about it because it is a highly personal issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 402. I think that is why Peyton came out so strongly on this piece. It is one thing to pick on him, but his wife or family???? That is off limits to him.