Saturday, December 12, 2015

New York Priest Embezzled More Than A Million Dollars To Fuel Gay BDSM Lifestyle Lawsuit Claims

Cardinal Dolan, Keith Crist and Rev. Peter Miqueli (left to right)
A shocking lawsuit filed by the parishioners of a Bronx Catholic church accuses their priest, Rev. Peter Miqueli, of skimming more than a million dollars in church funds to finance a sick and twisted lifestyle with a body-building slave master, Keith Crist, whom he put on the church's payroll to run a thrift shop while paying him for $1,000 per BDSM sex romps in a home he purchased with embezzled funds. A spurned girlfriend of Crist blew the led off the scandal when church parishioners took matters into their own hands by filing a lawsuit after Timothy Cardinal Dolan failed to respond to e-mails sent to him detailing the sordid relationship Miqueli had with Crist and financial improprieties.

Tatyana Gudin, Crist's ex-girlfriend, shared with the New York Post e-mails she sent to the Cardinal this past summer in which she described how Miqueli wore a locked lucite chastity belt along with a dog collar during the pricey BDSM sessions with Crist. Gudin claimed Miqueli had a fantasy of being humiliated in a Brooklyn park in front of "a nice Jewish girl" and couldn't wait to join Crist for sessions in the dungeon of a home he bought with embezzled funds where he liked drinking Crist's urine. Miqueli enjoyed $300 a bottle Scotch on his priest's salary of $2,474 a month. According to Gudin, Miqeli fired the St. Frances thrift shop staff to create a job for Crist running it. Gudin claimed Miqueli frequently fired other staff people in the thrift shop, accusing them of theft, to keep the lid on the scheme he was running with Crist to finance his life of debauchery. The Post detailed e-mails Gudin sent to the Cardinal about Miqueli, who remains priest of the parish where he's accused of stealing money:
“I would like to tell you who your priest, Father Miqueli, really is.”
“Keith has been Father Miquelis gay, for-pay prostitute,” the e-mail reads.
“More specifically, Father Miqueli is Keith Crist’s toilet slave,” Gudin wrote Dolan.
“If you don’t know what that means, Cardinal, I will break it down for you . . . Keith Crist uses Father Miqueli as his toilet, and Father Miqueli drinks his piss during their weekly, 3 day get-togethers when they take off to Father Miquelis house in Brick, NJ, far away from prying eyes.”
According to the lawsuit filed by church parishioners, Miqueli bought a white brick ranch house for $264,000 in embezzled cash in 2009, which had a dungeon in it where he held his BDSM sessions with Crist. The house features a hot tub in the back and a statue of the Virgin Mary out front. "Father Miqueli has a full-blown dungeon in the house,” Gudin wrote in her e-mails to Dolan. "Master," she said Miqueli would e-mail Crist. "I cant wait to get to Jersey tonight, so I can drink your piss." "Master, I don’t really like drinking your piss, but I do it bc i know it pleases you." Gudin told The Post, "All the juicy stuff is what Keith would tell me face to face."

A lawyer for the Archdiocese of New York confirmed Gudin had sent the Cardinal the e-mails she shared with The Post. The lawsuit claims Miqueli and Crist spent at least $60,000 in stolen church funds on prescription and illicit drugs in 2012 alone. Miqueli and Crist allegedly used drugs together at an apartment Miqueli rented for Crist for more than a thousand dollars a month. Used needles and syringes they used to dope themselves up littered the home according to Gudin. Miqueli's home was filled with dildos, whips, chains and chaps the two used during their pay-for-sex sessions.

UPDATED: Miqueli announced his resignation this weekend after being a no-show at masses. According to a Facebook site set up by parishioners, church members had been appealing to the archdiocese to remove Miqueli for the past three years. They intend to continue pursuing their lawsuit despite his resignation to recover money they say was embezzled by Miqueli.
For three years, we as a parish have fought against the Archdiocese of New York longing for his removal. Our complaints and issues with Fr. Miqueli fell upon deaf ears within the Archdiocese. While the Director of Communications in the Archdiocese, Joseph Zwilling, and Cardinal Dolan claim to have taken our concerns seriously since the beginning, this is sadly false. The truth is, the Archdiocese was at most minimally helpful and did not provide our parish with the correct means of figuring out the situation. Letter after letter was sent down to Manhattan, to only receive responses that said the matter will be looked into. How much longer did they expect us to wait? That is why we as parishioners needed to take matters into our own hands and project our message to the public through the use of the media.
It is evident that Fr. Miqueli is important to the Archdiocese and knows of some secrets they have been keeping. Their attempt to cover up this situation here by delaying their response to us was certainly nothing but detestable. It is important to note that while Fr. Peter Miqueli is gone, the Archdiocese played absolutely no role in leading up to his departure. For the Archdiocese to do nothing after the information on Fr. Miqueli was published throughout the news media is sickening. They should have stepped in. They should have cared for the well being of our parish and actually done something for once. Instead, Fr. Miqueli, knowing that he had been exposed for his lies and corruption, took the coward's way out and resigned. Fr. Miqueli deserves punishment for his wrongdoings and should immediately be defrocked from the priesthood. In his resignation speech, which he did not even deliver himself, he claimed to be not guilty and wishes to return to his ministry in the future. If the Archdiocese believes that this man should return to the duties of the priesthood, then those downtown are not fit to run the New York City Catholic faith community.
Although his presence at our parish has ended, we are not quite finished. The lawsuit that was filed against Fr. Miqueli, Keith Crist, Cardinal Dolan, and the Archdiocese will continue. Our parish deserves to get back any and all monetary amounts that Fr. Miqueli has taken from us. While the Archdiocese will apparently conduct an audit, there will be no way to document money that was taken from mass collections. This is the money we want back. Fr. Miqueli does not deserve to benefit from us when all he did was suck the life out of our parish and money out of our pockets.
So while the lawsuit pushes on, we can finally allow our parish to return to a place of happiness, tranquility, spirituality, and faith. Thank you to everyone who has helped support our cause and congratulations to the parish and parishioners of St. Frances de Chantal on this victory in our history. We are free.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has learned nothing after paying out billions to settle priest sex abuse cases.

LamLawIndy said...

I doubt that the paroshioners have standing in NY's courts. In a hierarchical church like the Catholic Church, the property -- including all funds -- is considered diocesan property. The Cardinal was probably attempting to remidiate this issue in-house, since the only victim appears to be the diocese, as no minors appear to be involved.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Carlos, He resigned this weekend, but the church parishioners say they are pressing ahead with their lawsuit to recover the money they believe he embezzled from the church. I've provided a link to their Facebook site. According to what they posted there, they've been fighting with the archdiocese to get rid of him for the past 3 years. Big difference between Catholic and protestant churches. If the parishioners want the minister to go, he goes regardless of what the church hierarchy thinks.