Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blue Indy Commandeering More Valuable Parking Spaces On Michigan Street

I came home today to find a letter in my mailbox from Blue Indy. The purpose of the letter was to provide notice to nearby neighbors in the historic district that Blue Indy planned to install yet another Blue Indy station with an enrollment kiosk on the right-of-way along Michigan Street where it intersects Mass Avenue in front of the inappropriate apartments known as Millikan On Mass that now surround Barton Tower.

There is currently angled-street parking at that location used primarily by the heavily-trafficked Athenanuem Building where the YMCA, Rathskeller and American Cabaret Theater are located. The notice said this Blue Indy station will replace one originally proposed to be installed on the west side of New Jersey Street near this same busy intersection. A hearing before IHPC has been scheduled for December 1 at 12:00 p.m.

This has gone way too far. Mayor Greg Ballard entered into a one-sided, corrupt, illegal agreement with this French-owned company that has permitted the theft of tens of millions of dollars worth of public assets. What in the hell is wrong with a City where there is no person with responsible legal authority who will step  forward to uphold the rule of law?

Mayor Ballard and other key members of his administration responsible for this and other corrupt contracts awarded to political insiders should have long ago been indicted for the multiple felonies they've committed. Other officials in other cities have gone to jail for less. Yet nothing happens while we watch our city being plundered by these thieves. Our City-County Council members sit and  twiddle their thumbs. Our local news media ignores the corruption and, instead, writes press releases about how the unwanted electric car sharing program makes us look like a world class city. Marion Co. Auditor Julie Voorhies is the only public official in Marion County who has taken legal action to block the use of public dollars for Blue Indy, a move she's gotten little, if any, support from other public officials for initiating.

Hey, Terry Curry and Josh Minkler. How about you start doing your jobs or resign? I've said it before, and I'll keep saying. Every damn corrupt politician in Chicago should relocate to Indianapolis where you can steal as much as your heart desires without any worries of being held to account for breaching the public's trust.


Anonymous said...

Time to go outside the state and get the feds involved? Just as long as it doesn't get sent back down channels to the local fed offices to handle, something might actually get done.

Anonymous said...

Would someone, anyone, please tell me exactly WHY Indianapolis has a City County Council? What purpose does this incompetent, impotent, whining, irrelevant and completely ineffective group of privileged political class clowns serve other than to time and time and time again turn blind eyes to Republican Greg Ballard's overt criminal corruption?

Why does the City of Indianapolis have a Prosecutor? Is the aged Democrat Terry Curry's white privileged, politically connected background the reason he will do absolutely nothing about the criminal and civil laws the Council's very own Counsel says Ballard broke?

I am fully vindicated by NOT going to the polls this last muni election. IT DIDN'T MATTER A DAMN BIT WHO BECAME OR WAS RETAINED MY COUNCILOR, DID IT?


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, CITY COUNTY COUNCILORS, EVERY USELESS ONE OF YOU. Due to your tacit approval of a corrupt and lawless Republican Mayor, we can not only say "It's All Still There!" but we can see that Greg Ballard proves you will do NOTHING to stop him when he takes more from the people.... whether it is our parking meters, lanes from our streets, our parking spaces, etc. Good Lord, it is never going to stop with quislings like all of you doing what you do best... cashing the paychecks we foolishly send you.

As for that old goat Curry... Greg Ballard dances on his JD every day. Makes a damn fool of Curry every day.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see anyone other than a blue Indy staffer driving those cars. Even with all the free crap Ballard gave them they won't stay in business long without revenue from users. Or the city.

Anonymous said...

This is just beyond belief. I will never vote Republican again.

Anonymous said...

So much for the brainchild "franchise fee" idea Indy taxpaying voters were assured would stop Ballard's pal French Bollore in his billionaire corporatist tracks

Anonymous said...

The CCC's excuse for not filing suit, whether valid or not, was that if they passed a resolution allocating funds for representation in a suit against Ballard, it would be vetoed. Of course, Ballard never got that opportunity.
As far as the crooks coming to Indianapolis, they are already here in the form of the Chicago Fire's clone - the Indy Eleven.

Pete Boggs said...

Counsel for Hertz & Avis might locate anti-trust issues within the law.