Friday, October 30, 2015

IBJ Publishing Issued Grand Jury Subpoena Over "Breaking Cardinal Rules" Book

A state grand jury convened in Louisville to investigate the allegations of a local prostitute, Katina Powell, accusing the University of Louisville's men's basketball program of hiring escorts to entertain members of its basketball team and recruits, has issued its first subpoena to the book author's publisher, IBJ Publishing. The Indianapolis-based book publishing company owned by Mickey Maurer confirmed it has been subpoenaed according to the Courier-Journal. Powell's co-author of "Breaking Cardinal Rules," Dick Cady, told the newspaper he has not yet been subpoenaed. Powell's attorney, Larry Wilder, has already said his client won't be cooperating in any of the investigations being conducted following the release of her bombshell book unless she's granted immunity from prosecution.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet the IBJ is surprised, since no scandal is cause to convene a grand jury in Indianapolis.