Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fort Wayne Mayoral Candidates Engage In Real Debate

If you want to see what a real political debate looks like, I would highly encourage you to watch the debate performance hosted by WANE-TV in prime time last night for Fort Wayne's mayoral candidates, incumbent Mayor Tom Henry (D) and City Council member Mitch Harper (R). It's an opportunity the Indianapolis media and its Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum candidates for mayor deprived Indianapolis voters before this election. Candidates were provided an opportunity for rebuttal to each other's responses, and each candidate was allowed to pose questions to their opponent. WISH-TV's Jim Shella and WTHR-TV's Mary Milz and Kevin Rader should be holding their heads in shame for those non-debates with pre-canned questions and answers they conducted with the Indianapolis' mayoral candidates that lasted only 30 minutes each.


Anonymous said...

I long ago concluded Shella, Milz, and Rader excelled at repeating campaign-provided talking points and that among them each have incredibly weak thought processing skills.

It does help if there are genuine political differences between candidates which is not the case of the profoundly lightweight Chuck Brewer and his "Ballard Third Term" campaign or the wealthy old white guy Joe Hogsett... who will also give us a "Ballard Third Term". The Hogster said as much when he stated he will do nothing about the corrupt Ballard deals of Vision Fleet or Blue Indy with his coy... "that's in the past". For a guy who campaigns as if we are all still hanging at King Park and as if it were still 1963...well, what more can I say? Other than this Republican will cast NO votes in the Hoosier elections.

Anonymous said...

There is no shame left in the Indianapolis media market and there was very little to begin with. Folks familiar with the average SAT scores of journalism majors would not be surprised at all to learn of "incredibly weak thought processing skills". It is quite plain in duh Star and the level does not alter much ascending into the editorial board. I think media was the training ground for the Peter Principle, and, if not, could easily have been. These would be arbiters are on the periodic table for density.