Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Waterman Endorses Democratic State Senate Candidate

The wounds of a grueling primary contest in May in which incumbent State Sen. John Waterman (R) was ousted by businessman Eric Brassler never healed. Waterman has endorsed Brassler's Democratic opponent, Steve Lindsey, a former Greene Co. commissioner. Waterman called Lindsey "a good Christian conservative" in endorsing him over Brassler according to the Journal-Gazette. Brassler had received the strong backing of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, which is seeking to rid the influence of conservative Christians within the Indiana Republican Party.

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Anonymous said...

Republicans are going to do very badly this election cycle. I have voted Republican most of my life. But now, seeing the kind of anti-gay nonsense we've been getting in Indiana, I agree with the young people who are calling the Republican party "The party of hate." And I also don't know what's up with Mayor Ballard, who I voted for twice, but it seems like he's in bed with the devil; I don't feel like he represents my interests, or the interests of my neighborhood. Its all about developers now, and law firms, and power. Too much corruption in Indy. And we need a shakeout of the bar assoc too after the travesty of justice resulting from Ogden's slap down. This corruption of our lawyers; this is a weak spot in Indiana. Unexpected, but most people I know don't trust lawyers or judges and don't believe they're honest.