Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Waterman Endorses Democratic State Senate Candidate

The wounds of a grueling primary contest in May in which incumbent State Sen. John Waterman (R) was ousted by businessman Eric Brassler never healed. Waterman has endorsed Brassler's Democratic opponent, Steve Lindsey, a former Greene Co. commissioner. Waterman called Lindsey "a good Christian conservative" in endorsing him over Brassler according to the Journal-Gazette. Brassler had received the strong backing of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, which is seeking to rid the influence of conservative Christians within the Indiana Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Republicans are going to do very badly this election cycle. I have voted Republican most of my life. But now, seeing the kind of anti-gay nonsense we've been getting in Indiana, I agree with the young people who are calling the Republican party "The party of hate." And I also don't know what's up with Mayor Ballard, who I voted for twice, but it seems like he's in bed with the devil; I don't feel like he represents my interests, or the interests of my neighborhood. Its all about developers now, and law firms, and power. Too much corruption in Indy. And we need a shakeout of the bar assoc too after the travesty of justice resulting from Ogden's slap down. This corruption of our lawyers; this is a weak spot in Indiana. Unexpected, but most people I know don't trust lawyers or judges and don't believe they're honest.

Anonymous said...

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