Monday, October 20, 2014

Mahern Trades Council Seat For County Job

It's the sort of political shenanigans that cause so many of us to lose trust in our public officials. Take the case of Indianapolis City-County Councilor Brian Mahern (D). He staked out a position as an independent-thinking member of his caucus, which drew the ire of his fellow Democrats. He was stripped of his leadership position and committee assignments. He then did the unthinkable. He crossed party lines and attempted an unsuccessful coup of his own Democratic leader, Council President Maggie Lewis, a move that was thwarted because independent-thinking Councilor Christine Scales (R) refused to go along with the coup. That led to her ouster from the Republican caucus. Republicans didn't even resort to that action against Councilor Lincoln Plowman after he was indicted for taking a bribe from an undercover FBI agent.

People who've been watching the council lately noticed that Mahern appeared to lay down the hatchet and begin cozying up to members of his party again. He had an extra incentive to do that since he lost his state job last year and now faced a formidable primary election challenge from at-large Democratic Councilor Zach Adamson, whose seat was eliminated by action of the state legislature, in his newly-drawn council district. Now we learn that Mahern resigned his seat on the council effective yesterday to accept a new job working for the Marion Co. Assessor starting today, which also just happens to employ one of his fellow Democratic councilors, Mary Moriarty-Adams, as well as the husband of Council President Lewis. According to the IBJ, Adamson plans to seek appointment to Mahern's seat and resign his at-large seat. Democratic precinct committeepersons will then meet to appointment someone to fill out the remainder of Adamson's at-large council seat. You see why some of us no longer have faith in our elected officials?


Anonymous said...

This is very similar to how the Soviet Union and other Communist-bloc countries conducted their politics.

Anonymous said...

so much for any hope of ever seeing an accurate assessment again

Anonymous said...

There is no honor among thieves and Democrats.. but I repeat myself. Most all politicians care more about their pocketbooks/wallets than just about anything else including "the people".

And how nice to learn that Adamson is no different from other members in his party...grab the brass ring of incumbency bennies any which way you can.

No one more excels at elevating lightweight issues to gravitas to grow a constituency better than the soon to be former at large Democrat from Willard Park.

Flogger said...

So sad I had hopes a year or so ago Mahern might stand up and dig in against the Republicrat Party. Hopes dashed again, now the only real target left is Christine Scales.