Sunday, October 12, 2014

Health Care Worker At Dallas Hospital Tests Positive For Ebola

A health care worker who provided care to Eric Thomas Duncan, the Liberian national hospitalized at Texas Health Presbyterian for Ebola days after traveling from Liberia to Dallas who later died, has now been diagnosed with the deadly virus. The health care worker had worn the protective gear recommended for protection against the virus at all times while treating Duncan but still contracted the disease, causing further alarm about the nature of how this disease is spread. The health care worker had been self-monitoring since treating Duncan when he or she fell ill with a fever on Friday according to a hospital spokesman. Not even the health care worker's gender has been identified to protect the health care worker's privacy. A spokesman for the hospital says the health care worker did not come into contact with Duncan until it was known he had the virus, not during his initial visit to the hospital when he was sent away without being tested. The health care worker becomes the first known person to whom the disease was transmitted on American soil.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail identifies the patient as a female nurse. They even have pictures of her house being quarantined.

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Anonymous said...

This proves that WE CANNOT ALLOW ENTRY by foreigners, especially illegal aliens.

This worker wore the space suit and now has the disease. We cannot allow our country to become infected, Obama!