Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marion County Democrats Stealth Candidate For County Treasurer

Marion Co. Democrats are looking for a replacement for outgoing county treasurer, Mike Rodman, who has been highly regarded for the professional manner in which he has run the office the past eight years. Observers had hoped the party would look to his chief deputy, Tom Creasser, to run to fill his boss' shoes because he was probably the most qualified candidate for the job. The party bosses have someone else in mind. Richard Hunter, an employee of Marion Co. Auditor Billy Breaux's office, is the only other announced Democratic candidate who is actively running for the position. An informed source tells me that Hunter is operating under the false impression that he will be slated by the party. The actual candidate the party plans to slate as its candidate for county treasurer I'm told is Claudia Fuentes, a fellow employee of Hunter's in the auditor's office. It's just that nobody has bothered to tell Hunter yet.

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