Friday, January 06, 2012

Ice Miller Attorney Arrested For Assaulting And Threatening Louisville Police Officer

Courtney King Mug Shot
Young associates at one of Indiana's largest law firms, Ice Miller, earn starting salaries of $100,000 and higher. Last week, one of those young associates found herself on the wrong side of the law after a night on the town in Louisville, Kentucky and her career in jeopardy. Thirty-year-old Courtney King has been charged with public intoxication, assault, disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening after she threatened to kill a police officer after the intoxicated King became verbally abusive outside a Louisville bar. The Above The Law blog names King its "Lawyer of the Day":
Here at Above the Law, we know a thing or two about how lawyers should deal with the police. Incidentally, we also know how lawyers should not deal with law enforcement officers. And if you truly value your job as an attorney, it’s best not to mouth off to the cops, or to threaten them in any way, shape, or form.

But Courtney King, a rather attractive attorney with Ice Miller, apparently didn’t get the memo. Last week, after allegedly downing a few too many shots of liquid courage, King got into a stand off with police that may have iced her nascent legal career….

Just before New Year’s Eve, King, a 30-year-old, 2010 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Law, returned to Kentucky. We may never know why King was at a bar in wee hours of the morning in the middle of the work week, but we do know that she will probably regret what happened for a long, long time. WDRB News reports the allegations: 
Louisville Metro Police say they arrested a woman outside of Phoenix Hill Tavern who claimed to be a lawyer and verbally threatened police. … 
According to the arrest report, King allegedly told police, “You are going to… die. I’m a lawyer. You can Google me. You are dead. I work at a law firm in Indianapolis.” 
Alas, it seems like the only thing that died was King’s upward mobility in Biglaw. She was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication, assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and terroristic threatening.

According to her attorney, the law firm has simply put King on "possible probation" after she pleaded not guilty to the charges.  A check of the law firm's website, however, shows no current attorney listing for her. An April 12, 2011 press release posted on the firm's website announced King joining the firm as an associate in the firm's labor and employment practice group.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

I thought Ice Miller sharks were exempt from common-man laws.
(Apologies to sharks.)

kStarr0914 said...

All I want to know is why this line is even relevant to the story:

"But Courtney King, a rather attractive attorney with Ice Miller,"

If it had been a male attorney, would we be equally interested in how "handsome" the belligerent male attorney was?

And further, who cares why she was out late on a work night. She's not a child. Young attorneys are often out late on "work nights" . . . because we work late.

None of this excuses her alleged behavior. But, this article is so biased and poorly written I can't even take anything it says seriously.

The Mistress said...

I know this sucks, the entire scenario, but I am happy someone at the tavern used their brain and called the police. Courtney either had too much to drink or is bipolar. Bipolar people can cause immense harm to others when they are manic. It happened to someone I know. In fact, the perpetrator made similar remarks earlier in the day to someone else and I guess no one took her seriously, only for her to eventually hurt someone, later that day. Telling someone " they are going to die , or are dead " is a felony and I hope the law makes her pay for it as in jail term. Threatening someone that you will kill them is serious and as a lawyer, cum laude, she should have known that, drunk or not. Control your illness, Courtney