Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ron Paul's Campaign Hires Englehart Group To Produce Viral Videos

The Republican presidential campaign of Ron Paul has chosen a talented local media relations firm, The Englehart Group, to produce several viral videos in the lead up to the critical New Hampshire primary on January 10 of this month. A video crew from the firm will shadow Paul in the coming days as he campaigns in the Granite State, editing and posting video footage on the Internet in real time in the lead up to next week's primary. The strategic marketing communications firm is located in the historic Mass Avenue arts district in downtown Indianapolis. "This type of video project plays into our company's strength, which is to produce the highest quality video and communications work both quickly and at a reasonable cost," said the company's president, Blair Englehart. The firm's video crew will be led by Kevin Winkler, a multimedia designer for the firm.


Marycatherine Barton said...

I hope Indianapolis's Englehart Group does an excellent job for the Ron Paul Campaign, and becomes even more successful in business.

Gary R. Welsh said...

From what I've seen of their work, they produce far more effective videos for campaigns than these outfits to whom the GOP is paying big bucks.