Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five House Republicans Vote Against Passage Of Right To Work

The controversial right to work legislation passed the Republican-controlled House today by a vote of 54-44 with five Republicans joining 39 Republicans in casting votes against it. The five Republicans voting against HB 1001 were: Rep. Ron Bacon (Dist. 75); Rep. Thomas Dermody (Dist. 20), Rep. Mike Karickhoff (Dist. 30); Rep. Thomas Saunders (Dist. 54); and Rep. Ed Soliday (Dist. 4). One Republican lawmaker, Rep. Mark Messmer (Dist. 63), and one Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Phil Pflum (Dist. 56) were excused from voting.


Bill Fulton said...

Why are we unable to see who voted for 1001 and who voted against 1001?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Simple deduction tells you that any Republican not listed as voting against it voted for it, and every Democratic member voted against it. If that isn't sufficient, you're welcome to visit the legislature's website, which makes all roll call votes available online.