Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ellsworth Still Battling Bull

The Senate campaign of U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D) released another "I'm one of you, not one of them" ads today. His message, however, is clashing with a competing ad paid for by the Republican Senatorial Committee, which is making its way around the Internet today for the benefit of former Sen. Dan Coats, showing Ellsworth during his recent trip to Vancouver, British Columbia to raise campaign cash from the trial lawyers. It was bad enough that Ellsworth would take a trip outside the country to raise money from a powerful Washington special interest group, you know, the ones he's supposedly fighting against for the common people; it's even worse that he wasn't able to do so without being caught in the act on video.


M Theory said...

I can't wait to vote for Rebecca-Sink Burris, the Libertarian!

She didn't take a bunch of big money from lobbyist concerns like the other two guys. She's not part of the status quo.

What she is instead is a long time Libertarian who is solidly grounded in Libertarian principles.

I hope more Hoosiers will vote for the best candidate instead of the lesser evil presented to us by the republicrats.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sounds like you, Melyssa. You want us to do exactly what Ellsworth wants us to do and diminish the Republican vote so Ellsworth can win. I can't stand Dan Coats, but I can't afford a Democratic-controlled Senate. The Dems are going to confiscate all of the wealth my father built up by working his ass off during his life when he dies so they can give it all away to a bunch of lazy asses who never lifted a finger to do a damn bit of work their entire lives.

M Theory said...

Gary, what has voting for the lesser evil Republican gotten us? Anything?

What difference does it make if Coats is a Republican or Democrat?

He's still going to vote for big Government. He's still going to vote for bailouts. He's still going to vote to move the march forward to take our liberties, keep the war machine going, and work toward the bankrupting of our country.

And I don't care what he says on the campaign trail. He won't do what he says.

I think it is shameful that you would waste your vote on someone you cant stand because you are going to get someone you can't stand in office.

A whole lot of people in America who vote for candidates they can't stand, is what got us here, Gary.

Coats or Ellsworth? They are interchangeable evil to me.

dcrutch said...

It's as a wretched a choice as I can recall, and my typical default is Libertarian. But, these are not normal times when you have a President that seems inclined to let business atrophy and replace it with government- IF he has enough Congressional votes.

I'd rather elect Libertarians to replace corrupt Republicans than Republicans to replace fantasical Democrats. But, right now my concern is the latter.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The lucky are the ones who die this year and avoid the punitive inheritance tax the Democrats plan to resurrect after the end of this year. George Steinbrenner's family saved hundreds of millions of dollars in inheritance tax by his timely death. The inheritance tax that comes back into existence next year, which will tax even small estates, will put a nail in the coffin of small business owners and farmers.

Downtown Indy said...

It's incredible that inheritance would be taxed in the first place and abominable that any politician would reinstitute it after it had been eliminated.

What it means is we are worth more to the government dead than we are alive.

Jon E. Easter said...

I can't wait to vote for Brad Ellsworth.

I just hope the Republicans continue to be negative and attack him. Why make the campaign about him when no one knows exactly where Dan Coats has been for 12 years other than out of state.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Too many people fail to grasp the devastating impact that tax has on small, family-owned businesses. The Democrats are prepared to allow it to spring back to where the law stood more than a decade ago before the exemptions were raised to help protect family-owned small businesses. In the case of farms, farmland values have increased considerably over the past decades. Even very small farms will be impacted by the inheritance tax because the exemptions are going to be so small. The super wealthy people have moved holdings off shore, have complicated trust agreements, etc. to protect their wealth. The small business owner will simply be crushed and the Democrats are chomping at the bit to get their hands on wealth earned through the blood, sweat and tears of patriotic, hard-working Americans over their lifetimes.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Most Hoosiers still don't know who Brad Ellsworth is. Joe Hogsett made the mistake of letting Dan Coats define him early on as this professional politician who had no wife, no kids, no family, etc. (i.e., he' not one of us)when he ran against him for the Senate. It worked brilliantly and Hogsett never recovered politically from that campaign.

Marv said...

The inheritance tax that comes back into existence next year, which will tax even small estates, will put a nail in the coffin of small business owners and farmers.

Them's who live by the sword should die by the sword. How many of those farmers were standing there with their hands out getting Farmer welfare, AKA subsidies, which have been pushed by our fine Republican senator Dick "monkey face" Lugar. How small business men have been standing with their hands out getting small business welfare, AKA small business loans.

Sorry, AI you can fall for the Republican and Democrats big lie that voting for a third party or staying home is really casting a vote for the other party. Casting even no vote is voting . . . for none of the above. A vote I have proudly cast for the past three or four elections.

To quote a South Park episode "I refuse to choose between a douch bag and a turd sandwich."

Gary R. Welsh said...

As a farmer in America you have two choices. Participate in the federal farm program or go bankrupt. The European economic community and other countries so heavily subsidize their farmers that the world food market is grossly distorted. Believe me, most farmers don't want to take money from the government, but the prices they get paid for their farm produce aren't enough to make a profit most of the time. I don't often hear people like you, Marv, complaining about the relatively cheap food prices you enjoy at the grocery store courtesy of those federal farm programs.

Covenant60 said...

Ellsworth will become one of the many Democrats who will get destroyed at the polls this November.

Doesnt matter what lies he says in his ads.

Cato said...

The alternative is Coats.

Can't get jazzed, either way.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Can someone PLEASE explain to Ellsworth the difference between "sheriff" and "deputy sheriff."
In this commercial, he AGAIN talks about his "25 years as sheriff..."
Why does he keep lying?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Either Coats or Ellsworth should fit comfortably into the U S Congress, which is up for rent, and made up of lobbyists' lapdogs, an expression I am borrowing from one of Ryan Dawson's books on corruption in the government and media.