Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carson Dodges Questions About His N-Word Claim Against Tea Party Activists

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson ducked Human Events correspondent Jason Mattera's questions to him recently about his recent allegation that Tea Party demonstrators outside the Capitol bulding hurled the n-word at him and other African-American congressmen. At one point, Carson pretends to be talking on his cell phone to avoid addressing Mattera's questions. Carson claimed the racial slur was used at least 15 times despite the fact that numerous audio and video recording devices failed to pick up a single slur and countless eyewitness observers deny his claim. It was that claim that helped fuel a move at the recent NAACP convention to denounce the Tea Party movement for alleged racism.


Covenant60 said...

Liberals are the racists. They are obsessed with race. Absolutely OCD obsessed with it.

In fact, liberals project their own characteristics onto their opponents when attacking them. So when they accuse others of racism, it is because THEY are racist.

When they accuse others of election day chicanery, it is because THEY have engaged in it.

So whenever you hear a liberal accuse someone of something, you can make money by betting that the liberal is guilty of the same thing.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

If you look at the YouTube videos, you will see that they had a black guy in a suit/tie closely behind them, videoing with TWO cameras.
Where is the video from those? It should PROVE their point!

Concerned Taxpayer said...

I guess when you are an important member of congress like carson is, you can just ignore the media members that you don't like.

M Theory said...


Who is so rude that when someone (your employer) asks you a question that you get on your phone and completely ignore them as if they and their question do not exist?

The rudeness Carson shows here to a taxpayer is reason enough not to re-elect him.

This should prove that Carson thinks of himself as an elitist snob and not one of the people. His actions toward this young man shows me that he thinks himself above us.

The local NAACP would not respond to a request from Fox59 news to debate the race question with me on the air.

No, this issue is not about our population being racist. This issue is about the racists inside government using race to divide the people.

These racists inside government will not prevail in this matter.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Fairly and perfectly worded question to Carson from Mattera. We that you represent in Congress deserve an answer, Andre.

TimmyTebow said...

Of course, Andre's opponent thinks he's in the Tea Party, but wants to spend ~$400 billion to open 5 medical schools.