Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sherrod Just Doesn't Know When To Give Up Her Fifteen Minutes

Attempts by the Left and the mainstream media to cannonize Shirley Sherrod and their efforts to make you believe she is someone she so clearly is not continue unabated. In this video clip above, CNN's Anderson Cooper doesn't miss a step as Sherrod tells him Andrew Breitbart, the person who first publicized a portion of a video clip found on the NAACP's own website of her speaking at one of their events, is a racist who wants to make all black people slaves again. Right after she makes that unchallenged assertion against Breitbart, Cooper then asks her if she is considering a lawsuit against him for defaming her. Yes, she unbelievably says she is considering a defamation lawsuit against him. You also won't be surprised to see the Star's editor, Dennis Ryerson, jump on the bandwagon of bashing conservatives and cannonizing Sherrod in his Sunday musings on the editorial page. Ryerson complains that the conservative blogger and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack failed to check out the complete story before running with it. Perhaps Ryerson should practice what he preaches. Sherrod is so clearly a person who not only has not moved beyond race-baiting ways, but who is also engaged in typical class warfare politics the Democratic Party has come to embrace.

UPDATE: Here's another clip below of Sherrod's speech to the NAACP. I don't know what to make of her comments about the health care debate. At one point she seems to be saying it's a debate over keeping the people with money in power. It then becomes a debate over Republicans fighting a black president. It's then a debate over race. Gee, Shirley, make up your mind. I thought the talking points on both sides of the issue hadn't really changed that much from when Hillary Clinton first pushed a government take-over of health care back during her husband's presidency until I heard Sherrod's comments in her speech.


M Theory said...

It seems rather obvious to me that the powers that be have made us all slaves via the income tax.

It is slavery to put a gun to a person's head and force their labor. Effectively that is what the income tax does.

Federal income tax pays the interest on the debt we owe to the banksters who printed the fiat currency out of thin air (backed in nothing) and charge interest on borrowing it.

Blacks and whites need to stand together against "the man" and this slavery, for we all are their slaves regardless of skin color.

Currently race is being used to divide us for we are much easier to conquer when we are not united.

Downtown Indy said...

Do you suppose this entire story was a setup?

The NAACP puts an edited clip on their website, scratchy and hard to listed to. Someone picks it up and spreads the word about it based on what was presented.

Then, after the excrement hits the fan and the buzz goes national, the NAACP provides a broadcast-quality version of the same clip BUT with the full context of it restored.

Hmmm, ain't that special?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I've heard some suggest Breitbart was set up, but I don't think that is the case; otherwise, the NAACP wouldn't have denounced Sherrod after the first clip was published by him and the Ag Secretary wouldn't have demanded her resignation. Again, I've watched the entire clip and my view on the matter has not changed. I think the Left saw the other remarks as a way of remaking the portion of the clip that first aired by latching on to some of the other comments she made during her speech. Again, when her audience reacted with approval of her discriminatory actions, albeit many years ago, she didn't admonish them for reacting that way. She said she eventually moved beyond racism, but then she went into a tirade against the Bush administration and suggested it treated blacks unfairly. She also talked about the haves and have nots and stoked the flames of class warfare. She decided to help the white farmer because she figured he might actually be a have not, as opposed to simply a white farmer. And now she is accusing Breitbart of being a racist for bringing attention to the NAACP's own video of her comments and wildly claiming that he wants black people to be slaves again. There was nothing inspirational in her speech at all. She seems to think there is something wrong with people finding financial success in America, and that it is her role as a government employee to take away from people who have achieved financial success and give it to those who have not. It's classic socialism. The hypocrisy of the Left is profound. I will still never forget how they railed against Sen. Trent Lott for saying the U.S. would have been better off if Strom Thurmond had been elected president when he ran back in 1948 as an independent candidate at the guy's 97th birthday party celebration, eventually forcing him to resign as the Senate Republican leader. Just weeks ago, former President Bill Clinton defended the late Sen. Robert Byrd's membership in the KKK, saying he simply was doing what he had to do to get elected to office in West Virginia.