Friday, July 30, 2010

And Then There Were Three

Steven David
Robyn Moberly

Karl Mulvaney
The Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission has agreed on three distinguished candidates to forward to Gov. Mitch Daniels from which to choose for the Supreme Court vacancy created by the departure of Justice Ted Boehm. The three are appellate attorney and former Supreme Court administrator Karl Mulvaney, Marion Co. Superior Court Judge Robyn Moberly and Boone Co. Circuit Judge Steven David. Because there are no women currently on the court presently, the presumption is that Gov. Daniels will choose Moberly because she is the only female candidate. Some are less than pleased that among the 19 orignal female applicants who applied for the job, only one made the final cut. I think there are many observers who are surprised Ellen Boshkoff of Baker & Daniels didn't make the cut. She was the smartest in the group of nine finalists based on grades. The Indiana Law Blog has a good summary of the finalists' interviews before the Commission here, here and here. There's plenty more information there if you want to learn more about the finalists. Personally, I think Mulvaney is the best choice hands down among the three finalists, but I'm afraid his gender may be a hindrance to his chances.


Marycatherine Barton said...

I hope he chooses Marion County's Judge Moberly, who I have found to be very sincere, gracious, courteous, and considerate.

Marycatherine Barton said...

What I also appreciate about Robyn, if I understood her correctly at the table where I sat for the IBA, take a law student to lunch affair, she has had the experience of attending law school while also raising children. While it may seem unfair that being a woman might seem to give her an advantage to cause the governor to elevate her to the appeals court, what about the unfairness of all the city and state resources given constantly to the exclusive male-dominated sports of professional basketball, football, baseball, and racing, and the tremendous salaries and benefits that Hoosier women and men are expected to reward them.

Anonymous said...

According to one poster on another forum, Moberly might be a gun grabber. She, allegedly, has issued a court ruling stating that a law abiding, good citizen can't own firearms. Here are the links. She needs to come out on where she stands on the right to keep and bear arms.