Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And The NAACP Is Calling The Tea Partiers Racists?

The NAACP at its recent convention attacked Tea Party activists as racists, a meme they've picked up on after our own U.S. Rep. Andre Carson made up a big fat lie and claimed he and other African-American congressmen were called niggers by Tea Party demonstrators outside the Capitol during the health care debate, despite numerous video and audio recording devices of the scene that proved no such racial epiteths occurred. This video above has surfaced from the NAACP's recent convention where Obama's federal Rural Development director for Georgia, Shirley Sherrod, made these racist comments about how she treats white farmers when they called her for assistance:

“He had to come to me for help. What he didn’t know while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me was I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him . . . I was struggling with the fact that so many black people have lost their farmland and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land — so I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough.”

She notes that, to avoid any later complaints, she said she took him to see “one of his own” — a white lawyer” “I figured that if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him.”
Sherrod's racists comments were greeted with approval from her black audience at the NAACP event, although the group has since distanced itself from her remarks after they've gone viral on conservate Internet blog sites. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has also accepted her resignation. Hat tip to Jonathan Turley.

UPDATE: Today, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is apologizing for firing Sherrod as is the White House. The NAACP incredulously says it was bamboozled by an edited version of her speech and is now retracting its denunciation of the comments she made at their banquet. How could the NAACP have been bamboozled? They knew what she said and yet quickly threw her under the bridge as soon as the video surfaced on the Internet. Andrew Breitbart, who first published the edited video on the Internet, is making no apologies. He maintains the video clearly shows her comments about the racist feelings she had towards helping a white farmer were greeted with approval from the audience, which was the point he says he intended to make with its release. That approval is quite audible indeed. The national news media, which jumped all over the totally false claims by the NAACP that the Tea Party movement is nothing more than the revival of the KKK under a new name, is once again blaming conservatives for the controversy. Now think about it. The NAACP didn't hesitate to throw Sherrod under the bus. Vilsack, who was personally familiar with her work at USDA, didn't hesitate to throw her under the bus--even going so far as to demand her resignation without giving her an opportunity to explain herself. And the White House initially approved of Vilsack's decision. Yet all of the above are now laying blame at the doorsteps of conservatives. Talk about hypocrites.

I'm not giving Sherrod the benefit of the doubt, and I'm not letting off the hook the NAACP audience who seemed to relish in her comments about treating the white farmer with less passion than she treated a black farmer. She clearly indicated she had used a government position in the past to treat whites differently than blacks. She didn't save the white farmer's farm as national news reports are now reporting; it was the white employee to whom she passed his case off who saved his farm through federal assistance because she said she couldn't give her fullest to him because he was white. Yes, she went on to say she regretted her racial bias, but she then went on to say her feelings evolved into the issue of  "the haves versus the have nots", while approvingly fanning the flames of animosity towards the haves in her government role. Whether people in government are using their positions to mete out disparate treatment of citizens based on their skin color, ethnicity, religion, financial standing or some other distinction for which they hold a personal bias, it is wrong; we expect government actors to remain neutral. Sherrod has demonstrated that she is incapable of neutrality.


Downtown Indy said...

And I've heard precious little from those who were quick to jump on the alleged and totally unsubstantiated racist claims from the infamous congressional perp walk.

Actually, I haven't heard one peep from them. So are they honestly outgraged about racism or just being opportunistic and slamming Republicans for partisan-political gain whenever they get a chance?

Covenant60 said...

She is recounting something that happened 24 years ago.

or so she says

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Ah, yes. But then there's the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey says.

That video was cut to show just the lead up to her subsequent efforts to help that farmer, and others.

Amazing what a little editing can do!

M Theory said...

Fox59 wrote to me and asked if I would be in their new "FACE OFF" format with the NAACP on this issue of the tea parties called racist.

I said I would be happy to face off.

The NAACP ignored the Fox59 request to defend their accusations of racism against the tea party.

They know they are hypocrites.

By the way, the NAACP was founded and is controlled by Zionists.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If she is innocent, then she would not have been asked to resign, Hoosier in the Heartland, right? It is amazaing that some people would actually attempt to defend her remarks that clearly indicated she thought it was okay to treat white farmers differently than black farmers simply because of their race.

M Theory said...


Kurt Nimmo
July 20, 2010

Race is a tactic used by the global elite to divide and conquer the masses and pit them against each other. A prime example of this tactic in action is the recent NAACP passage of a resolution condemning alleged and unsubstantiated racism in the Tea Party movement.

Card carrying members of the NAACP may not know it, but they are being played for chumps. They will not emerge winners from this cynical race game, the ruling elite will. For the eugenicist elite, we are all vermin regardless of skin color and ethnicity.

Over the weekend TeaParty365 co-founder David Webb [1], who happens to be black, went on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to denounce the “selective racism” of the NAACP. He complained that NAACP President Benjamin Jealous “will not condemn the New Black Panther Party for saying that they want to kill crackers and kill cracker babies, whereas he would condemn the KKK or any element that shows up . . . and claims that they are a part of the Tea Party.”

The NAACP’s shrewd race game was further exposed when Breitbart released a video today demonstrating the racism of USDA official Shirley Sherrod while addressing a meeting of NAACP members. Sherrod boasts to an appreciative audience how she withheld information and help from a farmer because he was white.

Barry Obama was specifically selected to be a front man for the global elite — who have dictated the “democratic” outcome of elections in the United States for decades, as Carroll Quigley [3] has noted — because they are determined to use race to divide and conquer the people of America. In the highly charged politically correct atmosphere of America — deliberately engineered by establishment foundations and universities [4] — any criticism of black politicians and a black president will be immediately denounced as the worst sort of racism. The establishment knew this when they selected Barack Soetero to be an actor pretending to represent the American people (when in fact he represents the interests of Goldman Sachs, BP, and the international bankers).

It is a sad commentary that so many black Americans buy into the race baiting game. It is not white America that is the enemy of black Americans, but a small number of elite eugenicists and their minions who have a sordid and well-documented history of murderous hatred of back people (best illustrated by Margaret Sanger and abortion [5]).

The NAACP was exploited by the elite to turn black Americans against the Tea Party movement on the heels of establishment Republicans taking over a large faction movement. The establishment is sincerely frightened by the prospect of a grassroots political movement returning the United States to its constitutional foundation and that is why they are manipulating the NAACP and inventing racism where none exists — except in the minds of a few marginalized (and government infiltrated) KKK members, white supremacists, and on the other side of the invented racial divide thuggish members of the Black Panthers and government bureaucrats like Shirley Sherrod.

Downtown Indy said...

Does it matter if it was 24 years ago, yesterday or the 1860's? Is there a statute of limitation? If so, does that limit apply to any 'whites owned black slaves' discussions about reparations and such, too?

Gary R. Welsh said...

If her point wasn't to show her disparate treatment of the white farmer, then she would have quickly assured her audience there was a different point she intended to make when the audience responded approvingly of her description of racist treatment of the white farmer; she didn't. She knew at that moment how her comments were being taken by her audience and she didn't see fit to set them straight so it's a little late for her to be complaining that her comments were taken out of context.

dprosenthal said...

Please don't misunderstand my meaning, but isn't this a perfect example of 'the pot calling the kettle black'?

Mike Kole said...

How about the woman running for Wisconsin legislature: