Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marchal Bows Out Of Prosecutor's Race

In a major blow to Marion Co. GOP Chairman Tom John, former Brizzi Chief of Staff Helen Marchal has dropped her bid to become the Republican nominee for prosecutor less than two weeks after she announced her campaign. Marchal released the following statement through the party:

Earlier today, I sent an e-mail to Tom John, the Chairman of the Republican Party in Marion County, withdrawing my application for the Party's endorsement as a candidate for Marion County Prosecutor.

Given the early deadline for filing for slating, and with the timing of Prosecutor Brizzi's decision not to run for re-election so close to that deadline, I was faced with a major decision impacting myself and my family (including my three children, under the age of 7), with a deadline of less than 48 hours. On further reflection and consideration of the sobering realities of a condensed, nine-month campaign, for personal reasons, I thought it best to withdraw my candidacy. I have talked to the party Chairman, and am hopeful that the process can be reopened so that another candidate, the best candidate that can be found, will receive the support and the opportunity that he or she needs. I will do all I can to be helpful in that process.

With gratitude to all those who were willing to support me for this important trust, I am humbled and thankful.
Questons about her party loyalty have been raised since she announced her candidacy the same day that Brizzi bowed out of a bid for a third term. Voting records indicate that she voted in the 2002 Democratic primary, the same year Carl Brizzi first sought election as a Republican for prosecutor. Her husband, Jeff Marchal, is a Democrat commissioner for the Marion Superior Court. He has sought election in the past as a Democratic judge candidate. Many Republican activists feared that Marchal's close association with Brizzi would diminish her chances of success. Brizzi has been closely linked to alleged Ponzi scheme operator Tim Durham and has made questionable stock trades in company's affiliated with Durham. The deadline has already passed for Republican candidates to seek a slating endorsement at next month's slating convention, although candidates still have a few weeks to file to run in the May primary. No other Republicans have currently declared for the office, which is considered the second most powerful elected position in the State of Indiana.

UPDATE: Tom John has released a statement saying former Marion Co. Prosecutor Scott Newman would lead an effort to replace Marchal. You can bet anyone he comes up with will be a political insider who will promise to cover up and block any public corruption cases in the same manner as Brizzi has done for the past eight years and Newman did during his 8-year tenure prior to that.


Had Enough Indy? said...

At least its not boring !

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Tom John spoke at the Wayne Township Lincoln Dinner Tuesday night and spoke like it was nothing.
He also told us how he and the party supported Greg Ballard when he was running for mayor.
I thought only democrats were history revisionists.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm assuming that Speaker is the No. 1 most powerful position and Marion County Prosecutor is second.

karma09 said...

What a CF. It is so totally typical of the kind of administration run over there, it's almost cliched. Other than Abdul, are there any apologists for Brizzi and his "ilk" left?

Who will the sacrificial lamb be? Maybe Tim Morrison wants to go local. Maybe Abdul would want a shot at preserving the excellence we've all become accostumed to.

Would any young and upcoming prosecutor who is serious about THAT job want to wade through the garbage that continues to be excreted by the current administration?

Carlos F. Lam said...

Rumor is that Mark Massa's going to jump in to fill the void. That's gotta reflect REALLY poorly on Tom John, as in "the County Chairman couldn't come up with a good candidate, so the Guv's putting his Gen'l Counsel up to running." Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but respect for Mark, but it makes Tom John look like he was clueless.

Unknown said...

It is time for Helen to teach her three small children they have a mommy who will do the right thing and turn Carl Brizzi in.

It's bad enough that Carl spent over $100,000 of donated campaign money wining and dining women at places like French Lick. In my opinion what he has done with regards to trading in Cellstar/CLST Holdings stock is criminal. The alleged drunk driving Viper crash, his involvement in Fair Finance, his inappropriate relationship with Tim Durham and completely contaminated the hard work of the honest employees of the prosecutors office, and Helen should have been, and should be calling for Carl Brizzi's immediate resignation.

Helen, teach your children that doing the right thing always comes first. Your children are counting on you to do so.

M Theory said...

Brizzi and Company must be in full meltdown right now.

They craft a back room deal that collapses from the weight of its on ineptitude. These are the "brains" behind the GOP?

I've seen better plans drawn up by 10 year olds on a playground.

Something tells me that the Governor is angry.

M Theory said...

Leesa...you hit the mark! Helen should teach her children by example. This whole town will owe her a debt of gratitude if she does.

artfuggins said...

Helen didn't drop out of the prosecutor's race. She was driven out.