Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brizzi Lashes Out At FOX 59 News

Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi refused to grant an interview with FOX 59 News' Russ McQuaid when he began making inquiries about influence peddling in his office. Instead, Brizzi used his paid radio show gig on WIBC yesterday afternoon to lash out at the TV station and, in particular, Russ McQuaid. Brizzi attacked McQuaid for giving the appearance that his office was under investigation by the FBI. McQuaid insists he only claimed the FBI was making inquiries in response to questions raised about campaign contributions and a recent sentence modification that allowed a convicted murderer out of jail after serving just 18 years of her original 110-year sentence. Brizzi accused McQuaid of being a "reckless, irresponsible, ratings monger journalist" during his 2-hour show on WIBC Saturday afternoon, Crime Beat. In a separate appearance on WIBC's Steve Simpson show Friday afternoon, McQuaid promised new reports in the coming weeks on the goings-on in the prosecutor's office that would be difficult to believe. McQuaid also reports on discussions of possible primary opponents emerging in the Hamilton Co. Prosecutor's race as a result of these recent disclosures.


Cato said...

Ohhhh, Ouch!!!!!

Look out, Carl. Fox is bringing a 110 mph fastball to this game.

I didn't know there were any investigative reporters left in Indy. Good stuff, Fox. Light this up. Also, Fox, great work in airing the back and forth. This is terrific genuine news reporting. It almost reminds me of the 70's, when tv reporters were true bulldogs.

M Theory said...

If there is anyone that knows about being a "ratings monger" it would be Brizzi.

He taught prosecutors all over the country about showing up at crime scenes in full TV makeup.

Don't back off, Russ McQuade! Stay on it.

Brizzi just digs himself deeper. No one believes a thing he says. His credit has expired.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Let's hope that Russ McQuaid will be relentlesa in his important investigations, on the side of justice, and that other reporters will follow. Way to go, Indy Fox News.