Tuesday, January 12, 2010

May Launches Media Campaign

Seventh District Republican congressional candidate Carlos May's campaign has launched a media blitz that includes about two dozen billboards across the City of Indianapolis in an effort to boost his name recognition. May is seeking slating at next month's GOP caucus, along with local attorney Rafael Ramirez. Perennial candidate Marvin Scott is also seeking the Republican nomination, but he plans to skip the GOP slating process and run in the May primary.


M said...

I hope that's not image used on the billboard - it's unreadable on my computer screen, let alone a billboard while driving down the road.

Gary R. Welsh said...

May/s billboard on Illinois Street downtown is very readable. The image on this post is simply a small screen capture.

liveindy said...

Carlos May is the new leadership we need in Indiana. In talking with the community, he has always been an excellent role model and an active citizen.

I haven't seen any other Republicans or Democrats out there working hard and telling us what they're all about like Carlos has.

He seems to combine intelligence and common sense very well. If you haven't met him or heard him speak, go to any meeting you can where he is present. Get to know him and you'll know why many of up support May for the 7th District. Good luck, Carlos!