Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown's Upset Win In Massachusetts

Wow! Who could have imagined just a year ago when Barack Obama and overwhelming Democratic congressional majorities were assuming power in Washington that one of the bluest of blue states would be sending a Republican to Washington to take the place of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA)? Who could have imagined that the most important issue in the campaign would be a government-run health care plan advanced, in part, as a tribute to Kennedy? Scott Brown, who turned his campaign into a national referendum on Obamacare, has convincingly defeated Martha Coakley to earn the right to finish the term of Kennedy. No Republican has been elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts since 1972. The shock waves sent by tonight's upset win cannot be underestimated. Sen. Bayh, look out. Bayh told ABC News tonight that Democrats have pushed their agenda too far to the left. Excuse me, but didn't Sen. Bayh vote for this lousy health care bill that was at the heart of the debate in the Massachusetts' election?


indyernie said...

A message has been sent to President Barry and every democrat in America. The question is...will they hear and understand its content?

Cato said...

They're both to the Left.

The Republicans want war, foreign meddling, and profligate spending. The Democrats want domestic social programs and profligate spending.

Between the two, I'll take the Democrats. At least the runaway spending stays at home and doesn't involve killing.

M Theory said...

A message was sent. However didn't Brown help usher in socialized healthcare to Massachusetts?

And isn't Massachusetts a fiscal mess?

Was he for socialized healthcare and fiscal irresponsibility before he was for it?

I worry they simply elected another statist.

dcrutch said...

Brown could stick Cheetos up his nose late at night when we're not watching either, but if he'll vote against a vile, ponderous, bloated, corrupt, exclusionary, unconstitutional, wreckless, privately debated, lining of a scumbag of a health care bill- I do believe we're desperate for a sign (ANY sign) of someone in power in D.C. that will serve based on fiscal reality rather than fantasy.

Senator Bayh's war chest just became less formidable.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Does Brown's election mean that the insurance companies are not going to be bailed out, after all, and that the feds will not be voting to require Hoosiers to purchase an insurance policy, whether we want to or not, whether we can afford it or not? Maybe if Coakley had gone after the corrupt politicians in Massachusetts, and not been so willing to send ordinary people to jail for drug law offenses, she might have received enough votes to win.