Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedge Whacks Point Fingers After Killing Property Tax Amendment

After spending their week throwing as much you know what into the proverbial fan over at the State House, our favorite wedge whacks are now pointing fingers while they're still trying to wash off the mess on their faces. “I am shocked that the House Democrats killed both the elimination of residential property taxes and the defense of marriage amendment last night and adjourned,” Rep. Jackie Walorski decried (R-Lakeville). “I feel bad for Hoosiers, who have the right to vote on these issues. When I was in the majority, I never killed a bill just because of an amendment. I don’t understand why they are afraid of having a discussion. Since the session isn’t over yet, I’m hopeful, but not confident that both these issues can be revived.”

It was actually Assistant Republican Leader Eric Turner (R-Gas City) who was trying to tack on the gay marriage amendment to Gov. Daniels' property tax cap amendment for homeowners when House Speaker Pat Bauer decided to pull the amendment. Walorski was too busy filing amendments about abortion and other needle-in-the eye amendments to the hate crimes bill, HB 1076, which proved successful in killing that bill for the second year in a row. "House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer, D-South Bend, said House Republicans were trying to destroy the Republican governor's proposal," the Star's Bill Ruthart writes. "House Minority Leader Brian Bosma argued Bauer should have allowed discussion on the possible changes," Ruthart added.

Meanwhile, the driving force behind these wedge whack issues, Eric Miller, is out recruiting new, fundamentalist fanatics to run for the State House. Miller, head of the so-called Advance America organization, sends out an e-mail to his brethren this week reminding them that all 100 House members are up for re-election and one half of the Senate's 50 seats will be on the ballot. "We have prepared an extensive manual on how to run a successful campaign as well as a set of DVD’s that include presentations by a number of Republican and Democrat elected officials," Miller writes. "This manual and DVD set normally sell for $134." "For a limited time, we are able to offer the manual and DVD set for only $99," he adds. Let's see, D.C. Stephenson offered a hood, bedsheet and "naturalization papers" for $26 to join his order back in the 1920s. It made him a millionaire and helped him to elect the best legislature money could buy for his "Americanization" agenda. Miller is a little smarter than Stephenson. He creates a nonprofit organization so all his followers can take take deductions for their contributions to him, and he pays himself and his law firm six-figure sums year after year. How little things have changed in our Hoosier state.


Wilson46201 said...

You touched on a little organizational secret of D. C. Stephenson's: sale of KKK paraphenalia. A good Kluxer simply couln't have little wifey pick up some sheets at an L.S. Ayres White Sale and whip up some robes on the trusty Singer sewing machine -- oh no!

To be a real Klansman, you had to buy the genuwine stuff through D.C. Stephenson's OFFICIAL clothiers - and he got a cut of the proceeds. Fancy-schmatzy robes of Super-Duper Hyper-Vizier Ultra-Wizards naturally sold for much higher prices - Stephenson made off like a bandit on the Dee-Lux robes!

To make this scheme even juicier, Klan recruiters themselves got a cut of the sales they made of the new recruits new regalia. In some ways, the Klan was just another multi-layer marketing scheme - but with horrendous social effects.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Gary!

Anonymous said...

Wilson, that's the first time you ever made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

This article, Wilson, or rather entire blog, is the main reason why I lean towards voting Republican. Gary won't hesitate to call BS on a member of his own party who clearly is doing something wrong and against the doctrine of the party. I've yet to meet a Democrat, including my own family, who does nothing but bloviate and attempt to misdirect such travesties from within. Perhaps if Ms. Wagner (as one of many examples) could be objective, then she could transform herself from a mere hack into a true, objective reporter, and perhaps gain converts.

Most people despise those people and organizations who cannot critique themselves, when warranted. It shows a weakness, lack of character or any desire for improvement that is abhorrent to any free thinker.

Now behave, or you'll get banned again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Ms. Wagner (as one of many examples) could be objective, then she could transform herself from a mere hack into a true, objective reporter, and perhaps gain converts.

That's ridiculous. You seem to forget that Ms. Wagner is not, and does not in any way hold herself out to be an objective reporter.

Anonymous said...

So, he sells DVDs on how to run for office promoting his agendam and still has tax-exempot status?

Anonymous said...

6:23, need to be a tad more objective, and do a tad more research.

This blog is full of posts from me, a good Dem, and others, blasting everything from Mike O'Connor's childish running of Bart's 07 campaign, to the ridiculous annointing of a new Congressperson. And I am anything but alone.

Maybe you should get on decaf.

Anonymous said...

Good Dem number 2, and I bitch about Dem politicians or the party as a whole all of the time.

Jen works for the party, Gary does not.

Anonymous said...

Focus on the wedge whackers and not each other.

Good post, Gary. And I'd forgotten that bit about the sales. Hmm, is Miller getting close to poppin a vein? Maybe he's planning his run as Independent for Governor.

Look, Long buckled and forced Bray to have a hearing to get Miller off his back. But Miller is itching to prove he can take down Long just like he did Borst and Garton. So, Mr Long, how do you enjoy your status now?

Anonymous said...

FYI: For those who make the unsubstantiated claim about ulterior motives for some of these anti-gay obsessers, such as Larry Craig:

I am speaking as an Honorable Member of the Committee to Determine Who MAY Call Themselves Gay (or NOT). These people (Miller, Bosma,Turner, will NOT pass muster at the next meeting. I am introducing a Constitutional Amendment to the Gay Agenda to require all fallen Republicans Who Wish To Claim Gayness to renounce their Party for at least 6 months before asking for Redemption and Inclusion in the Agenda-fold.

In addition, NO former Gay-bashing Politicians will be allowed to Change Their Status for the foreseeable future. We are just full up with these types. They’ll have to immediately Cease and Desist to live on the down-low or cruise for anonymous sex. If you plan on living in a closet, stay there. But don’t plan on having any of us visit ya.

Anonymous said...

Now we not only have to deal with Eric Miller who wants to destroy the separation of Church and State, but Senator Delph who wants to promote Pat Buchanan's policies.

When did our party let the Pat Buchanan, who was rejected by Republicans as a 2000 presidential candidate because of his racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric become a force today against immigrants as a powerful wing of the party?

This is not the Reagan Republican Party that I joined.