Wednesday, January 09, 2008

McGoff Raises $250,000 To Unseat Burton

Dr. John McGoff pens a note to friends and supporters today advising them that he had raised $250,000 by the end of 2007 for his primary campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (R). "That $250,000 is nearly three times what all of Burton's opponents combined raised over the past three election cycles," McGoff says. "It will go a long way towards victory, but we still need to raise more in order to ensure we can get our message spread."

McGoff reminds us not to under-estimate his candidacy. He cites Greg Ballard's upset win over Mayor Peterson last year, Mike Huckabee's upset win in the Iowa caucus and John McCain's come-from-behind win in the New Hampshire primary yesterday. "It means that even though Dan Burton has been in office for 26 years and has all the perks of incumbency, I have a great chance to win because voters are paying attention and holding incumbents responsible like never before!," McGoff explains. "I'm more confident than ever that we will be celebrating on May 6."

McGoff's appeal letter is seeking small donations of $20.08 to "help spread a message of change in 2008." I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats who are just as willing to help out McGoff as there are Republicans who are embarrassed by Dan Burton's continued representation of Indiana's 5th District. The 5th district is one of the state's most Republican-leaning districts. The winner of this year's May primary is almost guaranteed a win this November. If you would like to help out Dr. McGoff's campaign, click here and do it online. You can mail your contributions to: McGoff for Congress, PO Box 44003, Indianapolis, IN 46244-0003.


Anonymous said...

Please print his mailing address.

This Democrat will gladly send $20.08. Maybe more.

Dan Burton is an international embarrassment, a skirt chaser and a back-yard-pumpkin-shooting moron. Lemme see...anything else?

Yep, that about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

6:29 beat me to it.

I'm a loyal Dem and I don't live in "the Burton district" (used to--district lines moved, I didn't).

But he's got my $20.08, and if he's got a bumper sticker, I'll put in on my car, since I sure drive through that district frequently...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Dan Burton is and has been a reliably conservative vote in Congress his entire tenure there. I'll be sending a nice check to the Burton campaign.

Anonymous said...

Dan Burton has been a reliable tool in the Congress.

If you want to vote for a tool, be my guest.

It's about time he got bounced out.

(see the issue with shotting a watermelon, calling Clinton a scumbag when he, himself, had a child by someone to whom he wasn't married, ect.) Yeah, that's conservative, alright.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Dan Burton is and has been a reliably conservative vote in Congress his entire tenure there. I'll be sending a nice check to the Burton campaign.

This sort of comment (above) is exactly why this D will be sending in a donation to's not OK to be stupid like Dan just because you are a so-called conservative.

Anonymous said...

Blind loyalty is an ugly thing.

Dan Burton has chased skirts all over DC for over two decades. He married his deceased wife's doctor, and I never tire of telling this story, because it demonstrates his ridiculousness:

His late wife hurt her finger, badly, on a metal shelf at a local grocery. She sued for medical bills and pain/suffering. To which she was probably entitled.

Danny Boy sued for loss of consortium. To which one of the supermarket's defense attorneys quipped:

"Makes you wonder what she was doing with the finger, huh?"

Indiana is overboard on its Burton quotient. And whenever the legislature is in session, it's two Burtons too many.

Their idiocy knows no bounds. We have Woody to thank for state-subsidized Christian license plates.

Stop them before they do more damage. They don't understand the Constitutions.

Anonymous said...

Is McGoff really a gun grabber? I got a letter from Burton written by some retired military person in Carmel about McGoff wanting to ban guns.

Anonymous said...

How can someone refer to Burton as a reliable conservative vote when he in Florida or Las Vegas or Palm Springs playing golf and missing votes? At least, when he does that, the women of Indiana are safe for a while.

Anonymous said...

5:57--read the earlier post. Burton does not understand the Constitution. Neither Burton does.

If you're getting inflamatory McGoff mail, regarding the alleged interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, already, then Burton must feel heat.

And not the gun-totin' kind of heat.

Relax. Your AK47 is safe for now. I doubt Dr. McGoff wants to tackle that issue, when he's trying to get elected.

Not that someone shouldn't tackle it...the 2nd Amendment has been used as a battereing ram for far too long. But that's another argyument for another day...

Anonymous said...

John McGoff is a fine person and I am proud to have served as his treasurer when he was the chair of a PAC. If I had his campaign address, I would send him at least $20.80.

Greg Wright