Friday, January 25, 2008

Conley And Gibson Don't Make Short List For IPS Board Seat

You can all breathe a little easier now. Six finalists have been named for the IPS Board seat being vacated by Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams and former CCC members Lonnell Conley and Ron Gibson aren't among them. The new member will be chosen at a meeting of the full Board next Tuesday. The six finalists include:

  • Michael Cohen, professor emeritus, science and environmental education, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
  • Leona Frank, attorney, Frank Law Office.
  • Elizabeth Gore, retired USAirways reservations supervisor.
  • Cheryl Hall-Russell, chief executive officer, Indiana Youth Services Association.
  • Leroy Robinson, teacher, Lawrence Township Schools.
  • Tim Streett, associate director, Shepherd Community Church.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there is hope for the IPS Board after all. This is a very good list.

Good in terms of: who's on it, and who's not.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Gibson is NOT on the list.
Maybe he now knows that his power has been stripped from him.