Monday, January 14, 2008

Anderson's PR Appeal Is Unconvincing

The low key Sheriff Frank Anderson is mounting a bit of a public relations effort to convince folks that he's the man to continue running IMPD and not newly-elected Mayor Greg Ballard. Those efforts may all be in vein as the Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy reports today. "Nothing, it appears, stands in Ballard's way, short of legal action by Anderson, which the sheriff says he has not considered," he writes. "Anderson, a Democrat in his second and final term as sheriff, has been left with no option other than appealing to the public." As O'Shaughnessy explains, Anderson wants a public referendum on the issue. CCC Ryan Vaughn tells O'Shaughnessy that the ordinance putting control of IMPD back under the Mayor is "highly likely" to pass in the 16-13 Republican-controlled council and could come as soon as the February 11 council meeting.

On other fronts, I'm pleased to report that Mayor Ballard told me last night that he has instructed his corporation counsel's office to do what it takes to enforce the Marion County Environmental Court's order that Pinnacle Media tear down its 10 billboards, which were erected in violation of a city ordinance more than 7 years ago. That is music to the ears of the neighborhood groups who have been fighting the blight of these billboards for the past seven years. Also, look for Mayor Ballard to unveil an ethics reform package sometime in February, fulfilling yet another campaign pledge he made.


Anonymous said...

A few observations:

The ethics package should've been ready on Day One. A small point, but it's not that difficult.

The sheriff only has to count to 15. It takes 15 councillors to pass Ballard's IMPD measure. There are 16 Republicans. Give it up, Frank.

The Pinnacle situation could've been handled just like the ethics situation" this action should've taken place day one. It's a no-brainer.

Ballard either isn't getting information in a timely fashion, or his new team is slow on the uptake. Not a fatal flaw, and certainly correctable.

But not admirable.

There are Democrats who are hoping you proceed on the IMPD situation, Mayor Ballard. Many of us. Just like on the stadium deal, Bart punted too soon, soas to win half a loaf rather than none.

We can do better.

Anonymous said...

8:25... you do realize that its only January 14th don't you?

On day one the man was getting sworn in and just moving into the office which Peterson kept him and his staff locked out of untill Jan 1

Anonymous said...

Keep him honest AI.

Anonymous said...

10:52, by my count, there were approximately 56 days between the election and swearing-in.

Ample time, in a back room, a station wagon, or a 25th floor office, to develop a Code of Ethics and some other basics.

Knock it off already. Ballard gets a gentle demerit for not being fully ready with some basic stuff.

Nothing major, but the "It's only Jan.14" tagline is a little weak for isssue slike this.

He probably cannot solve the budget mess in 56 days. But he can sure as hell develop some ethics policies.

guy77money said...

How long was Peterson not dealing with the billboard issue? Frank will be put out to pasture at the next board meeting. As for the ethic situation I am sure he wanted to make sure all his ducks were in a row before he moved on it. It took Peterson until his last term to deal with the cities problems. What was his solution, raise taxes and give all the juicy contracts to his financial supporters.

Anonymous said...

Frank Anderson has been out to pasture since he was elected. He is and always has been an incompetent token, who was used by the Good old Boys to restrore all of the Red Necks to their former positions in law enforcement. Forestal, Layton, McAtee...Red Neck Heaven. They gave frank Anderson a uniform and a bunch of flashy pins and Frank has been happy ever since. "No Sheriff in town".