Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quadruple Overnight Murder

Four people, including two infants, were shot to death overnight at an eastside home. That takes the number of killings in Indianapolis so far this year to 8, or about 1 every 2 days. At that rate, we're headed for a record number of killings this year. Let's hope this isn't the start of another deadly trend.


Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in Greg Ballard as Mayor. What has he been doing since he was elected? He knew what problems that we were experiencing in our city yet he did nothing but parade around smiling and planning his big victory party! Well, we heard the big talk, we heard all of the promises but thus far we have seen nothing but politics as usual! So much for the Marines saving Indianapolis. Does he even have a plan?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The last I checked Sheriff Anderson still runs the police department. When Ballard is successful in getting IMPD transferred back to the mayor's office, then you can hold him accountable for what he is or isn't doing about crime. His first proposal in the council will accomplish that important change. From what I hear, he has been visiting offices in the city-county building meeting the people who work there--something past mayors never bothered doing.

Anonymous said...

I've been around the halls of the CCB for over 20 years. All the other Mayors have done the same thing, cuz its good PR. Everyone just has a short memory or better yet, selective memory.

Anonymous said...

9:11 The mayor has a plan and its being followed through. 15 days into his administration and there's been considerable progress.

As for promises being made..let's talk about the one where the consolidation would save money and increase public safety.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are spewing with hate right now. They blame a man who has been in office 15 days and does not have control of the police. They never just put the blame were it lies. Just remember 9/11. Loads of proof the planning occured on Clinton's watch but the Dems had to blame Bush. Dems will always blame everyone but themselves.

Remember also that no matter how good our police department will improve under our new mayor, there will always be crime. There are some people in this world who are just so evil that nothing will deter them. This is a perfect case of that, he killed 2 babies

Anonymous said...

AI said it all. Anderson still has the police. 15 days into the administration. The problems that developed over the past 8 years are going to take some time to fix. So far it appears Ballard is working to make good on his promises.

Anonymous said...

10:15---whoa, pardner---your point on the Mayor is fair, but let's not rewrite history re: 9-11-01. History is already not kind to W for his conduct before and since.

This Democrat is not blaming Ballard--yet. There is a dicey protocol for mayoral visits to crime scenes, and it looks, from a distance, like it was followed here. It goes like this:

1. No public official can come to the scene if the entourage/press would disturb gathering of evidence.

2. No public official can come if his/her safety is in question.

3. No public official can come to a murder scene, if the family is stil there, and, when asked, they indicate they don't want the mayor to turn it into a PR scene.

4. If a victim's family agrees to No. 3, the presence of media should be the family's option.

I saw no TV footage of the mayor present last night or early this morning, but we're told he went. Probably to show his respect and pay his condolences to the family. It appears he did it without benefit of cameras, which is a classy move.

And if the Mayor's presence can bolser the beat officers' confidence and help with their grief and anger, then more power to him.

I wouldn't think less of Ballard if he stayed away. But I don't get the sense this new mayor would rush to a murder scene just for TV attention.

Obviously, this family needs a lot of support now. The news reports indicate these murders were likely a revenge situation, enacted against the homeowner, not the victims, who were tenants. That makes it all the more senseless.

Take a deep breath, folks...anyone trying to gain raw political advantage over one mass murder, does so at his own peril. If the information on Ballard's visit is correct, I think he gauged it about right.

Anonymous said...

9:11 sounds like Wilson Allen, and I thank Gary for setting the record straight immediately!

Now I have a question for 9:11....

-Who refused to hire any police for TWO years????

It takes at least a year to recruit, do a proper background check, and train a new police officer. Like any profession, police have constant attrition.

Bart Peterson's act of dwindling the numbers of police officers to unsafe levels will be his only legacy.

Common sense says there will be the jump in crime with fewer to protect us and it may take SEVERAL YEARS to fix!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't look for a quick fix to the crime problem. Years of neglect to public safety, the cops, courts, and jail brought on these problems. You're looking at 2-5 years and a huge investment of capitol just to get back where we were 15 years ago if it can be done. It was the classic guns and butter debate 8 - 10 years ago. Now it's time to play serious catch up.

Anonymous said...

Frank Anderson Lives !!! Saw his Noon News Outrage that one of his flowers has Gone Astray and his open empty threat to hunt them down.

Any one who would murder women and children deserves swift justice. I hope Frank can remember his Noon News speech and have his posse follow thru on their speedy apprehension.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder; if the Peterson slamming blog "Indy Undercover" was still around would it be blaming Ballard for these murders as they blamed Peterson for every single one that was committed during his terms?

Anonymous said...

Ballard and the FOP blamed the mayor's office for the murder rate. Now that Ballard is the mayor they must maintain that same position. The murder rate has skyrocketed under Ballard. Has he done anything but plan a high cost coronation ceremony as a fund raiser for his campaign committee?

Anonymous said...

Killing 2 infants. I hope the MSM is no where around when the lucky officer who corneres these bastards gets off the first 50 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Carl "NO-NUTS" Brizzi will plead this down to J-Walking, they'll take the plea, and get 10 days in the lock-up!
If Anderson is serious about his threat, he'll put these guys in the general population before trial. Unless the copppers turn them into a swiss cheese lead mine first.
Even the dirt-bags in the jail would do us the favor of saving the taxpayers money on this type of scum.

Anonymous said...

4:42, I'm hoping and praying you are not an LEO. If so, you need some serious help.

I'm as angry as the next guy over these senseless murders. But vigilantism is not the answer.

And, I heard on a car radio news report today--the investigators found guns, pot and scales in the house. Or am I incorrect? I heard it quickly, and then the phone rang...I thought that's what I heard. Could be mistaken.

Which does not excuse the murders. But if true, it means there's a lot more to this story which will unravel.

If we've degenerated into a city where thugs randomly murder anyone behind closed doors, we've lost our soul.

But it is beginning to sound like this was a retribution thing, and the murderers knew their victims, at least the adults, with some drugs, maybe a partental rights dispute thrown in?

What's most disturbing is that weapons are so readily-available.
In that sense, we have lost our souls. And anyone who murders infants deserves a special hell.

Anonymous said...

5:44... 4:42 here..
NO, I'm not a LEO. Since 4:56 is dead on about Brizzi, vigilantism IS the answer in this case.
Sounds to me like you are making excuses for the murders of the infants.
Just because mommy is dealing, the children had to die? The spineless turds who killed these children DO NOT deserve the luxuries that Frank Anderson will provide them in the MCJ.
Remember, Frank LOVES criminals, he HATES police. He proved that when he allowed the merger to go through and then appointed his buddies to positions based on friendship and race.
"3 hots and a cot", cable TV, access to FREE university training, heat in the winter, A/C in the summer, a PRIVATE cell, dirty books galore, free cigs, conjugal visits with some one who claims to be a wife! It makes jail sound almost inviting, doesn't it?

I know.. Lets pass another gun law that will tie the hands of law abiding citizens. That'll help the crime rate. Another gun law with no teeth!
I hope the police turn these guys into a "swiss cheese lead mine" and the story breaks into the Govs' speech.
I hope the cops take turns shooting the punks for days, drag their bloodied carcasses through the streets of Indy to show the rest of the thugs "we're not gonna put up with your sh*t any longer"

Hell Yes it's time to become vigilanties! The police are still powerless to help and Brizzi won't do squat IF the police do get off their donut eating butts and actually do something more than write their 2 tickets a month!

Anonymous said...

IndyU is still around, its just called Accidental Mayor now.

Anonymous said...

If the murderers are Pacers then Brizzi will drop the charges.

Anonymous said...

No 7:56,, It's IndyUndercover Version II