Thursday, January 03, 2008

GOP Caucus For 7th Set One Day After Dems'

Republican committeepersons get less than a two-week notice that their caucus to nominate a candidate in the special election for the 7th District will take place a day after the Democratic caucus on Sunday, January 13 at the state fairgrounds at 6:00 p.m. Candidates will have up to 72 hours prior to the caucus to file paperwork to run. The date of the special election has not yet been set by Governor Daniels, but judging from comments made by state GOP chairman Murray Clark, a special election on the same day as the primary election is out of the question.


Wilson46201 said...

Hmmm ... there seems to be little interest in this caucus.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Howey is reporting that Tom Rose, Marvin Scott and Blan Dickerson are planning to put their names in for the 7th District nomination.

Anonymous said...

Blan Dickerson? Seriously?

I nearly blew 7-Up through my nose...shouldn't read this blog and eat lunch at the same time.

What a freaking joke.

Blan Dickerson is the only name I've heard thus far, that would assure a November Andre Carson win.

And that's saying a lot. Or a little depending on how you look at it.

Wilson46201 said...
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Anonymous said...

The Indy Star reports that the Democrats will have four or five candidates, possibly including Carolene Mays. If she runs, wins the nomination, and doesn't straight-up denounce her vote for the gay marriage constitutional amendment, this hardcore Democrat will work every minute of every day to persuade people to vote for any Republican nominee so we can elect a GOOD Democrat to fill the full term. The rest of this term won't matter, but the next several years do and will.

Anonymous said...

There are many at work inside the party, and even inside the Mays family, to convince Carolene to back away from this disaster. Because if she doesn't she's going to get a few votes that would go to a better candidate, and she's going to get embarrassed mightily.

Which would be poetic.

The entire situation is scattered and confused. There could be one or two unsuccessful caucus candidates, who will go on to either slating or primary or both.

Much, much resentment toward Andre's heritage argument. Today, in the mail, came a nearly two-page resume from Mike Rodman. And a cheesey family New Year's picture card from Andre, with a limp letter that barely mentions his "qualifications."

Oops--that's because he has almost none.

Of all candidates mentioned in either party, Andre's resume would rank him near the bottom. A bachelor's from Concordia-Wisconsin and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan. Two diploma-mill degrees, and that's it? And we're supposed to elevate this to Congress?


Anonymous said...

4:07pm. Obviously you have a low opinion of universities accredited by the North Central Association. Which accredits IU, Purdue, etc. The "diploma mills" you talk about are four year NCA accredited universities. Concordia University Wisconsin is, from their website via Google "Concordia University Wisconsin is a 4-year, NCA-accredited, co-educational, liberal arts school offering undergraduate majors of study". Indiana Wesleyan is an accredited university that provides degrees to thousands of adults. Its fair to criticze Andre's political tenure. Unfair to blast his educational credentials just because he didn't go to IU or Yale.

Anonymous said...

4:30--NCA accreditation aside, each is known as an easy-to-graduate school. Period. Put your ear to the ground.

So, we're to believe that this Muslim (but not Black Muslim) young man, went to a Wisconsin Lutheran university, knwon for less-than-rigorous academic endeavors? And that his two degrees qualify him for anything close to Congress?

Those degrees didn't help him pass the Excise job test the first time did they?

Get real.

Wilson46201 said...

André got his degrees while he was working his fulltime job at the State Excise Police.

Anonymous said...

So he got his degrees online. Pay the fees get the paper. Odd thing, Indiana Wesleyan markets itself as one the fastest growing Christian colleges in the country.
Maybe Wilson was right about Andre being a Methodist Muslim.
John Wesley is turning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Why did he leave the job at the Excise Police? It's not like they work very hard.
Hang out in strip bars, drink on duty, free food, money under the table to allow a few minors in the club, drive home drunk, sleep it off, and then file your reports the next day. Write the occassional ticket for serving minors and you're in good shape.

Come to think of it.. a lot like being a real cop, but without the uniform.

Wilson46201 said...

André was a mainly Hearing Officer for Local Liquor Boards. His last assignment for the Excise Police was to the Indiana Homeland Security Fusion Center where he was thoroughly vetted by the FBI.

Sorry to disappoint your fantasies about a dissolute life by André! As a good Muslim, he doesn't drink alcohol. He's never been drunk in his life. He is the original "straight arrow" and Dudley DoRight!

Anonymous said...

I have heard very little beyond rumor about Carolene Mays entering the race.

I had a long talk with Andre Carson today. When I picked up the phone, I was undecided. When I hung up the phone, he had my vote. Andre Carson is going to be a great candidate.

Anonymous said...

Indiana Wesleyan is not a "Diploma Mill." Tell that to my boss who is taking a class there! It's intensive and expensive!

Anonymous said...

12:11--three years ago, I desired another degree, and investigated IWU. Extensively, alogn with marian, Butler, IUPUI and U of Indpls.

IWU is expensive. It is not, by any reasonable measure, rigorous.
In their MBA program, it was mostly self-study, using theories and practices taught in the IU business undergrad program 25 years ago. Seriously.

At IWU, it seemed as if, you put in your time, you get your degree.

I spent just a little more, went to Butler, and began a master's program. Slowly, because I'm busy and not loaded with dough.

Anonymous said...

This is another democrat precinct committeeperson who will work night and day to elect the republican if Carolene Mays is the candidate...her votes in support of discrimination should not only eliminate her from consideration for congress but from the state legislature also. Then her families support for Mitch Daniels seals her fate.