Monday, August 10, 2015

When "The Simpsons" Predicted A Trump Presidency

YouTubers have had a lot of fun in recent years pointing out the uncanny ability of certain movies and television shows to predict future events. The long-running Fox animated cartoon series, "The Simpsons," is credited with accurately predicting 9/11, the Ebola virus epidemic, and the FIFA corruption scandal, among other real events. It turns out that an episode that first aired in 2000 looks into the future when Lisa Simpson has become the first "straight female president" and learns from her advisers that the United States is bankrupt because of the policies of her predecessor, Donald Trump. It's funny that most of these shows with outtakes predicting future events all appear on the Fox network, which made a killing off the record-setting viewership ratings for last Thursday's presidential debate featuring Trump as the center of attention on the crowded stage. The network's "Family Guy" animated series notably predicted Bruce Jenner's transition to becoming a woman, Robin Williams suicide and the Boston Marathon bombings.

UPDATE: Fox News President Roger Ailes called Trump to patch things up. The Donald says all is well now between him and the network but not before taking another swipe at Megyn Kelly


Sir Hailstone said...

I'll drag out this old joke from the Ross Perot days

Do you know why Donald Trump really doesn't want to become President?
He wouldn't move into a smaller house in a bad neighborhood.

Josh said...

To be honest, dc is beyond broke already.
Then couple in some figures from pending obligations such as ss, etc and you see the problem. So dc is fsked wether Trump takes office or not.
But they can always print more money, right?

Now if congress started printing US notes that bore no debt there might be a solution, but we all know how that will go.

Anonymous said...

Megan Kelly- The Hillary Clinton of the Ailes' empire.... Megan Kelly is totally all about an almost unquenchable drive for power and money and attention.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Roger Ailes called Donald Trump to apologize, and I have to believe that Mr. Trump would not put out a false item on Twitter... FOX realizes what a disaster the hateful attorney Megyn Kelly created. Little of that so-called "debate" was about informing the electorate as it was about creating huge ratings (advert $$$) gains for FOX and fame for the shallow Katie Couric wannabe Megyn Kelly.

Oh, and, as for Simpsons... all one has to do is to tune out the spoon-fed "noise" and pay attention to what is actually occurring in this police state nation and we could all "predict" political events.... not being snarky about the blog posting but just saying....