Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jeb Bush Getting Foreign Policy Advice From Key Architect Of W's Disastrous Middle East Policies

Unless you are the state of Israel or make money sending U.S. soldiers off to die in manufactured wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, you won't be happy to hear that Paul Wolfowitz has emerged as a key foreign policy adviser to Jeb Bush's presidential campaign. Wolfowitz, who served as Deputy Secretary of the Defense under Donald Rumsfeld in the George W. Bush administration before his scandal-ridden service as the World Bank President, was viewed as a key architect of the younger President Bush's foreign policy, along with Vice-President Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld, particularly the decision to launch a war in Iraq under false pretenses. It's no wonder Jeb Bush has been stumbling very badly every time he opens up his mouth and tries to talk about Iraq or anything else regarding America's foreign policies concerning the Middle East.

Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were all key players in the Project for the New American Century, a neo-conservative think tank with close ties to Israel, which 9/11 researchers believe had a key role in masterminding the false flag 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center and then blaming the attacks on Osama bin Laden as part of their plan to promote American global leadership through endless wars. The PNAC was advocating policies aimed at forcing regime change in Iraq long before September 11, 2001. A white paper prepared by the organization prior to 9/11 predicted it would take a Pearl Harbor-like event to speed up their new world government plans. The organization penned a letter to President Bush shortly after the 9/11 attacks advocating a military invasion of the country to depose him despite no evidence Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the terrorist attacks on American soil. Wolfowitz held a key position in the elder Bush's Department of Defense during the first Gulf War against Iraq. The so-called Wolfowitz Doctrine that emerged at that time was one of advocating preemptive and unilateral military actions to maintain American military superiority worldwide.

At one point, Bush was supposedly planning to name Wolfowitz to head up the CIA shortly after his election in 2000 before Wolfowitz' estranged wife, Clare Wolfowitz, penned a personal letter to Bush warning him that her husband was a national security risk because of an extra-marital relationship he was engaged with a Saudi national, Shaha Ali Riza, who worked as a senior communications officer for the World Bank. Clare Wolfowitz' letter did not become publicly known until after President Bush appointed Wolfowitz as World Bank President in 2005 where he quickly became embroiled in a controversial move to have Riza's pay raised despite assurances he would not meddle in her employment matters because of his romantic relationship with her. Two years into his service at the World Bank, its executive directors had enough of Wolfowitz' indiscretions and forced him to resign.

Thanks to neo-cons like Wolfowitz advocating regime change in Libya, Syria and Egypt by arming, funding and training radical Islamists, we now have ISIS in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people guys like Wolfowitz view as just collateral damage in their pursuit of a world government run by the international bankers and the military/industrial complex. A President Jeb Bush would assure that guys like Wolfowitz will have a seat at the head of the table just like they did with the two prior Bush presidencies.


Anonymous said...

I'm not having any of your nonsense about the World trade center attacks, but Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz scare the dickens out of me, and its hard to believe Jeb Bush would bring on any of them as advisor to his campaign. The Saudis have secrets which have yet to come to light, that's almost certain. But if the price of oil continues to collapse, they'll go bust in 5 years and there may be regime change.

Anonymous said...

Wolfowitz's record in office is littered with profound errors. After General Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, testified before Congress weeks prior to the invasion of Iraq that it would take "several hundred thousand soldiers" to occupy Iraq, Wolfowitz said this estimate was "wildly off the mark." He discounted the possibility of sectarian violence in Iraq following the invasion, insisted that Iraq's oil revenues would finance post-war reconstruction, and declared that he was "reasonably certain that they will greet us as liberators." None of these claims were based on serious Pentagon, State Department, or CIA assessments. And none turned out to be true.
Wolfowitz and all his senior-level colleagues in the Bush-Cheney administration got Iraq wrong. They each were guilty of wishful thinking and arrogantly believed they knew better than area experts in various government agencies. But within this crew, as a ferocious advocate of a wacky and paranoid conspiracy theory, Wolfowitz went further in denying reality. And for that, his judgment ought to be questioned. His passionate embrace of Mylroie's unproven and screwy thesis that Saddam Hussein was behind the original, 1993 World Trade Center attack caused him to miscalculate one of the most serious threats to the United States. He could have been run out of the public sphere for this. Yet Wolfowitz was awarded the Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush and named president of the World Bank (where he went on to have a scandalous tenure). And now Wolfowitz is advising yet another Bush who may end up in the White House. One can only imagine what dark global conspiracies he's pitching these days.

Anonymous said...

So we are seeing Jeb Bush do what Bushes do and Hillary Clinton do what Clintons do. This is why Trump is so popular. I was shocked how popular Trump was in Iowa the other day. He got all the attention. Clinton and Sanders and the other Republican candidates in attendance got nothing. I think there are several reasons for this ascendancy, and I’m reminded of Reagan’s ascendancy, which politicos could not believe was seriously happening as it was happening. But this business of Bush and Clinton just being a rehash is going to devastate them in the primaries. I know Bush has an excuse for Wolfowitz. He says almost every Republican has some ties to former Bush administrations in some way, and that he can’t find anyone completely unaffiliated, which is probably a little true. But what’s next? A Cheney in his cabinet? I think Bush’s numbers will continue to drop.

Eric Morris said...

I highly recommend the excellent book by two mainstream academics "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy". The most refreshing thing it points out is that U.S. support and Israeli government carrying out occupation undermines both US and Israeli security and peace. That brings up the more sinister reason why this cabal does this against the long term safety of all the ordinary people involved, not the power players.

local landlord said...

Kinda hard to escape your brother's shadow when you basically say that your brother was right and everyone else was wrong and you would do the exact thing over again.

According to Bush this week, the removal of Saddam Hussein from power “turned out to be a pretty good deal.”  
That's just plain nonsense. We lost nearly 5,000 dead, thousands more wounded, and it cost TRILLIONS of dollars. The costs were WAY too high for the benefits. Yes, Saddam was an evil dictator. BUT, Iraq was stable, their people were mostly safe, mostly happier, and there was no terrorist group wreaking havoc in that land. The problem with Jeb is that he cannot and will not criticize his brother's Administration, and cannot come to terms with the reality that our invasion of Iraq was one of the most disastrous foreign policy decisions ever.

Flogger said...

There is an excellent book by James Bamford, "A Pretext for War", concerning 9/11 and in particular the planned invasion of Iraq by GWB and his NEO-CONs from nearly Day One of GWB's Regime. It is well documented book. Wolfowitz among other lesser known NEO-CONs quite simply cherry picked and lied about links between the 9/11 attackers and Saddam. The MC-Mega Media eagerly bought the lies and disseminated them.

As a Baby-Boomer I recalled the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and years later read about the details of this Incident. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was hyped up as Pearl Harbor Light. The South Vietnamese were losing the War and only the intervention of US Troops it was thought could stop them. I ended up being one of those draftees sent to Vietnam.

The run up to Gulf War 2, had the look, sound and smell of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The MC-Mega Media rarely if ever questioned all the lies in fact the Media was a vital part in spreading the lies.

These advisers of Jeb's belong in jail rather than being taken seriously as Foreign Policy "Experts." The Mc-Mega Media ignores these "experts" previous failures and refuses to confront Jeb about them.

The Mc-Mega Media is quite obviously trying it's best to control the narrative of the next election. They want all the Candidates in the Bird Cage. Jeb and Hillary are safely nesting in the Bird Cage. Bernie Sanders has flown the coop and in spite of huge crowds at his rallies is ignored by the "Press". Bernie's surge in the polls is dismissed as a blip. Trump also has flown the coop, and the McMega-Media is trying a different tactic on him, i.e., constant negative publicity. Trump's poll numbers refuse to fall.

Anonymous said...

I believe if given an opportunity to lead you surround yourself with the BEST people who are experts in their areas. Apparently not everyone has the same belief.

Unless the establishment has someway of taking away our vote, and can convince the lucky who have straw polls and such, that Jeb is the way to go, Jeb will not be the "chosen" to represent the GOP.

Sanders for the DEMS, Trump for the GOP followers bring the thing everyone is sick of - POLITICS AS USUAL.

If we were to look back and be honest here, Ballard brought that to the table, but has turned his back on that and decided it is best to wallow with the filth of this city.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's too bad Clare Wolfowitz didn't start calling up reporters and blabbing what she knew like Martha Mitchell did to her husband and his Watergate co-conspirators instead of just writing a letter to Bush. Perhaps 9/11 could have been avoided. Former Sen. Bob Graham has been getting detained at airports because of his calls for the U.S. government to release information about the Saudi government's role in financing the 9/11 terrorists, which was redacted from the 9/11 Commission Report. Our government thought it would be too harmful to our ally the Saudis to disclose they had financed the very terrorists we accused of hijacking and flying planes into WTC and the Pentagon. She may have blocked her husband from getting the CIA job, but he was in a unique role as the number two guy at the Defense Department with full knowledge the military and federal air traffic control operators would be distracted from a simulated war game exercise on 9/11 simulating terrorists attacks by of all things hijacked airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Eric's book advice is sound. Another good read would be The Transparent Cabal which is also evenhanded. Generations of Americans have been lied to by Israel and their American AIRPAC sorts who were seemingly only opposed by Pat Buchanan and the conservatives...recall his calling them the "Amen Corner"? Indianapolis media other than NUVO hasn't covered a number of quality speakers, Fincklestein among others, venues like IUPUI and Butler. Noam Chomsky will be in later this summer with a point of view that deserves fair hearing. Duh media is complicit in these lies just as Trump has pointed out on the matter of immigration via Coulter's book on same. Even the New York Times lies and the books document them. Heck, even Commentary Magazine had a recent article showing how their "loose with the facts" Judith Miller was used and helped to hose Scooter Libby-one of the neo conservatives who essentially took over the brain dead Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

We have to be especially careful now. First, the rising militarism of China is going to be a flash point. They’re building a serious navy to challenge us in the Pacific, including submarines. Second, Saudi is going broke just as Iran is breaking free of sanctions and both countries are going all out in buying arms, just promising more problems in the middle east. And third, Russia just seems to be itching for a fight with Nato. General Odierno says we aren’t really prepared to fight Russia. We’ve pulled out all our troops. We have logistical problems with the railway compatibility. Our nuclear arsenal is much smaller. Whoever we put in the Oval Office is going to make war decisions, perhaps huge war decisions. And while pork chops on a stick at the Iowa State Fair are amusing, I want more than Trump helicopter rides as we move forward. Its time to get serious about picking a commander in chief. There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Which person do we want to have this much responsibility? That is the question. If you’re still choosing Presidents based on abortion rights or old concepts of left and right you’re not even in this game.

Anonymous said...

There were no planes. Nobody ever saw the "first plane," and the "second plane" is shown on video flying right out the other side of the building it supposedly hit in a fireball.

The buildings had explosives detonated from within for the television audience and were disintegrated by energy cannon.

If you want Israel and Mossad running the United States, Jeb is your guy.

Anonymous said...

All of our lousy national "leaders" for decades and decades promised "new, new, new" faces and "fresh, fresh, fresh" ideas. Marxist left of center liberal ideologue Barak Obama similarly promised "new and fresh" prior to his 2007 victory defeating over-the-hill Hillary Clinton. All America got was a group of the same old tired faces and the retread of failed ideas of the past. THE PAST. Obama is more Bush than Bush daddy or the two Bush sons. Far More. These liberal Democrat and Establishment Republicans are all despicable members of essentially the same political party/class and they are the one percenter caste holding money and power from the people.

Josh said...

"'m not having any of your nonsense about the World trade center attacks"


So the fbi controlled terrorists couldn't take down wtc in the 90s so they had to try again, this time much more spectacularly and overtly. The guys who hijacked the planes were let in by the fedz, controlled and watched by the fedz, and my guess coached by the fedz.

The islamic patsies did a "exercise" for the fedz and the fedz took it live and wacked them all in the process and placed the blame upon them. And the majority of the terrorists, just like the great family friends and business partners of the Bush family - Bin ladins, are Saudis. Add some dancing mossad agents in in the mix.

So who does the Bush regime invade? Astan. Meanwhile, the Bin Ladin family in the US is flown (under fed security details) out of the country.

On 911, norad and other national defense agencies are having an exercise, an exercise where hijacked planes fly into skyscrapers.

On 7/7/05 in London, much the same takes place, an exerciser of security forces goes live and a bombing is allowed to happen.

In Boston on 4/15/13 another training exercise ongoing that, somehow, went live.

But yeah everything happened just like each respective government says it did.

Anonymous said...

Another book that lead up to 9/11 is Intelligence Failure by David N. Bossie, and Robert Novak,Clinton's National Security Policy set the Stage for 9/11.
It also deals with the intelligence investigation code name Able Danger, which followed the 9/11 suspects till Senior White House officials stopped the investigation. Asst Atty, General Jamie Gorelick had her hands all over this investigation, then she was on the 9/11 Commission, she withheld information from the 9/11 Commission about Able Danger, and was rewarded for her silence buy being placed on the New York Federal Reserve Board, the sleaze continues!

Anonymous said...

Miller, by the way, exposed the prosecutor from Chicago....same liar that did in Blago and might get reversed for being too slick and too much under control of others. We will see. Reminds of Schipper's book, Sell Out-on the impeachment of Clinton when the R's took a pass.