Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hit-And-Run Driver Injures Several Downtown

A driver of a stolen Ford Edge deliberately hit several pedestrians downtown early this morning, leaving at least one person struck in front of the Conrad Hilton in serious condition. Police tell Fox 59 News the story began on the east side where there was a stabbing in the 3700 block of Roseway Drive. That's when the suspect drove downtown and began striking pedestrians and at least one motorcyclist.

According to news reports, two people were struck at Pennsylvania and Market Streets. One person was struck at Meridian and Washington Streets. The most serious injury occurred at the Conrad Hilton where the driver deliberately drove the car up onto the valet area, striking a female pedestrian and leaving her with serious head and leg injuries. One person was struck at Illinois and Ohio Streets. Finally, the driver struck and ran over a motorcyclist at Delaware and Michigan Streets.

Police found an unoccupied Ford Edge SUV matching the description of the vehicle used in the hit-and-runs abandoned at 30th and Lafayette. Police spotted a man walking in the area who has been taken into custody for questioning.

WISH-TV image of police taking suspect into custody


Anonymous said...

Word on the street has it that this might be terrorist related

Anonymous said...

Running over pedestrians and then fleeing the scene is becoming epidemic here. One more sign of this city's moral decline. Not really surprising. Just sad.

Anonymous said...

Have also heard that this might be domestic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Domestic terrorism??? Really????? If that is true, this will get buried fast.

Marycatherine Barton said...

This really happened! What is the identity of this terrorist?