Thursday, August 20, 2015

Muncie City Clerk Arrested, Not Jailed For Drunk Driving

You drive drunk and you go to jail, right? That's the protocol unless you're someone special. Take for example Muncie City Clerk Phyllis Reagon. Police stopped her car after motorists called to report a car driving erratically, swerving into oncoming traffic and driving up on the sidewalk. When police responded, they found Reagon behind the wheel of her vehicle stopped at an intersection. Police said Reagon was "disoriented" and "mumbling." They were unable to measure Reagon's alcohol level with a breath test so they took her to the local hospital for a blood draw. Instead of taking Reagon to jail, she was released into the custody of her son after she was cited and signed a release agreeing to appear in court. Muncie Police Chief Steve Stewart, who is also the Delaware Co. Democratic Party chair told the Muncie Star-Press his officers were just being compassionate to Reagon, presumably because she's an elderly woman and not because she's an elected Democratic Party official.

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