Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marion County Judge Dismisses Open Records Lawsuit Seeking Lawmaker's Correspondence

Several public interest groups filed a lawsuit in the Marion Superior Court earlier this year seeking copies of any correspondence, including e-mails, of State Rep. Eric Koch (R) regarding energy legislation he introduced during this past session. Concerns had been raised by government watchdogs that Rep. Koch was pursuing legislation benefiting companies in which he had personally invested. Judge James Osborn issued an order this week dismissing the plaintiffs' open door lawsuit for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. The one-page order posted by the Indiana Law Blog offers no explanation for the basis of Judge Osborn's ruling.


Anonymous said...

Indiana does not have open government.

In Indiana, the citizen is not the master of the government.

Indiana is a soft tyranny, and the state really wants you to be fine with that, or leave. Indiana doesn't want you embarrassing the state by asking for things that people in other states get. If you want those things, move.

They know how to deal with troublemakers here.

Anonymous said...

In one word, a one page ruling looks like corruption.