Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Batesville Mayor To Resign Over Prostitution Charge

After meeting in executive session tonight, the Batesville City Council emerged to announced the city's mayor, Richard Fledderman, will announce his resignation tomorrow according to WISH-TV. State Police arrested Fledderman earlier this month for one count of patronizing a prostitute. A 42-year old man, Randy Wigle-Stevens of Indianapolis, was charged with prostitution, intimidation and failure to disclose he had a dangerous communicable disease.

Former Ripley Co. Judge Henry Prictor, a prior supporter of Mayor Fledderman, spoke at tonight's council meeting in support of his resignation. "We are a laughing stock because of what he did," Prictor told WISH-TV. Details of the resignation to be formalized tomorrow weren't discussed at tonight's meeting. Prictor said he hoped the council would not agree to allow him to continue drawing pay and resigning at a later date. City Councilor Eugene Lambert has been serving as active mayor since Fledderman's arrest earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Judge Pictor, way to turn on Mayor Fledderman. But then, Judge, you are a man who never shied away from broadcasting your personal condemnation of others, often in letters to the newspaper as I recall. Richard Fledderman made a big mistake and hired a prostitute. We get it. You’re shocked. You’ve told everyone in town how shocked you are. You told the newspaper. And the Indianapolis television station. Now will you please shut up. Despite what you say Batesville is not a laughing stock. Richard Fledderman is not the first man from the county to solicit a prostitute, and he won’t be the last. You throw a lot of mud Judge. You report lawyers and other Judges to disciplinary committees. You gossip. You still Judge, even though you don’t sit on any bench. People who throw stones, Judge. Judge not, lets you be judged, Judge jerk. I will happily rule on this one, since you’re getting a little long in the tooth. Mayor Fledderman, I absolve you of guilt. Patronizing a rent boy is not shocking. Batesville is just a little Peyton Place and dickpictor is a hypocrite. The council is full of holier than thou christians who never did anything wrong. You haven’t embarrassed Batesville, they have. The criminal matters should be dropped and the Mayor should resume his post.

Gary R. Welsh said...

He's not Bill Clinton. I'm always amazed at how many officials have been forced to resign over far less personal transgressions than those committed by former President Bill Clinton, who actually lied under oath and engaged in obstruction of justice to prevent the truth from coming out, not to mention the cost of the investigation to taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Springer would be proud!