Monday, August 24, 2015

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Stabbed To Death By Son

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There's a bizarre case out of Oklahoma where the state's Labor Commissioner, Mark Costello, was stabbed to death by his son after meeting him at an Oklahoma City restaurant last night to resolve a dispute with him. Costello's 26-year old son, Christian, reportedly began stabbing his father inside the restaurant before the altercation moved to the restaurant's parking lot where he stabbed his father repeatedly in the neck and head before bystanders were able to subdue his son. The father died from the stab wounds before being transported to a hospital.

Costello had been the state's elected Labor Commissioner since 2011. His son, one of five children, had prior brushes with the law according to The Oklahoman. He was arrested just last year for indecent exposure after standing in front of a school window with his pants down exposing himself. When police arrested him, he was chewing on bird feathers, dandelions and other weeds. He was also charged with assault on a police officer a few years earlier after he was stopped for driving under the influence of a drug.

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