Monday, September 17, 2012

No Joke: Pentagon Paying IU Scientist To Develop Anti-Suicide Inhalers For Soldiers

Hope and Change has become Eat One's Gun for thousands of American soldiers who have chosen to commit suicide rather than serve another day under their Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama. The Pentagon officials are so concerned about the growing number of soldiers who are committing suicide that they are paying a scientist at Indiana University to develop a "cutting age nasal mist" that soldiers can carry on them along with their weapons and inhale whenever they have thoughts of using their weapons on themselves instead of the enemy to suppress their depression.
An IU scientist is on the frontlines of one of the biggest battles facing the U.S. Military…suicides.
The Pentagon said there have been more than 33 suicides a month since January. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said it’s an epidemic.
Now, the military is looking to Dr. Michael Kubek at the Indiana School of Medicine for help.
“Suicides in the military are the second highest cost of death outside of combat so this is a real problem,” Dr. Kubek said.
He’s developing a cutting edge nasal mist that will quickly deliver powerful anti-depressants through the nose to the brain.
“It helps to cross the blood-brain barrier, gain access to the brain with fewer side effects and then gets into the central nervous system and gets directly into the brain rather than through the lungs,” Dr. Kubek said.
Scientists at Purdue and Hebrew University in Jerusalem are also working on the program as part of the $3 million grant from the military. Dr. Kubek said everyone will benefit from this research.
“The military is addressing it very aggressively,” Dr. Kubek said. “It will not only help the military but the civilian population as well.”
I suppose we should be thankful that they're planning to dope our soldiers to keep them from harming themselves instead of brainwashing them to kill others like our government did with James Holmes and Timothy McVeigh. Perhaps Obama should open up free clinics to dispense the anti-suicide mist to all Americans, who are going to need it if he's re-elected to office.


Cato said...

"Hope and Change has become Eat One's Gun for thousands of American soldiers who have chosen to commit suicide rather than serve another day under their Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama."

That is a singularly vulgar statement.

The Obama presidency has little to do with military service, apart from his perpetuation of foolish wars. The quality of military life was established long before his arrival.

Connecting Obama to military suicide is the cheapest of cheap shots. Further, "eat one's gun" is a grotesque phrase that cheapens the horror of the suicide problem.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The unprecedented numbers have occurred on his watch and its due, in large part, to the absurd numbers of tours of duty soldiers have been deployed to serve in either Iraq or Afghanistan for service without a clear mission. For God's sakes, a female soldier had her husband shoot her twice in the legs the other day to avoid being deployed to Afghanistan. The Family Guy animation cartoon actually had a spoof on this very subject with Stewey and Brian (the dog) shooting themselves to get out of military service after they realized they had made a mistake enlisting to serve. That was before it became a prevalent problem. It never got this bad during Vietnam as bad as things got during that illegal war. Hope and Change was going to make a difference. We're now fighting more illegal wars, the people serving in the military are more demoralized than ever and we're more hated around the world than ever. The fact that more soldiers are dying from suicide than battle is very telling.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And how about that incurable irreversible radiation poisoning American soldiers are suffering as a result of being "exposed" to the thousands of tons of depleted uranian being spread about in Iraq and Afghanistan. I fear that the true suicide rate for the last several months is one a day.

I am beginning to think that DU global poisoning is the greatest threat to all life on earth, and that vets who know about this suffering, to put it mildly, are probably the only hope USA has to bring awareness to this horror, and pt an end to endless wars.