Wednesday, September 19, 2012

John Gregg's Rainy Day Ad

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg continues to prove that he's going to have a bit of fun running for governor, even if his chances of beating Mike Pence are slim to none. As with all of his prior ads, Gregg continues to show his comedic side in his latest ad taking aim at Pence for his willingness to draw down the balance in the state's rainy day fund, presumably as a result of his plan to lower taxes. Both Gregg and Pence have promised to lower taxes if elected. Pence wants to lower income taxes, while Gregg wants to remove the sales tax on gasoline. Gregg says that spending the rainy day fund would force more cuts to education "if the economy gets bad again." When did the economy get better? I guess if you're earning a six-figure income working for a big law firm you don't notice when the economy is good or bad. For some of us, it's been bad and only getting worse for the past four years.

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