Monday, September 10, 2012

Maryland Democratic Congressional Candidate Forced To Withdraw Due To Vote Fraud

A Democratic congressional candidate in Maryland was forced to drop her bid for office today after Maryland officials learned that she had registered to vote in both her native state of Florida and Maryland and had voted in both places in at least two recent elections. Wendy Rosen was running against first term U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) before she dropped out today after the vote fraud allegations arose. The Washington Times reports:

A Democratic congressional candidate from Maryland dropped out of the race Monday after that state’s Democratic Party said she had voted in both Maryland and Florida in the 2006 general election and the 2008 presidential primaries.
Wendy Rosen confirmed by phone to the Associated Press that she was withdrawing from the 1st District congressional race in eastern Maryland but otherwise declined to comment beyond a news release.
“Personal issues have made this the hardest decision that I have had to make,” she said in a statement.
Her withdrawal comes amid a national debate over whether voter fraud is a major problem, and whether the efforts of some states to require more identification may suppress turnout by the young, elderly and minorities in elections. It’s unclear whether voter ID laws would prevent someone from casting ballots in two states for the same national election.
Ms. Rosen, 57-year-old Miami native who now lives in Cockeysville, Md., was running against first-term Republican Rep. Andy Harris.
In a letter to Maryland’s attorney general and the state prosecutor, the chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party wrote that Ms. Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006. Yvette Lewis, the party chairwoman, also said in the letter that Ms. Rosen voted in the 2006 general election and the 2008 presidential primaries in both Florida and Maryland.
"This information is based on examination of the voter files from both states,” Ms. Lewis wrote to Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and State Prosecutor Emmitt Davitt. “We believe that this is a clear violation of Maryland law and urge the appropriate office to conduct a full investigation.”
The state prosecutor's office would neither confirm nor deny an investigation, as is their standard practice. The attorney general's office referred questions to the state prosecutor.

What Rosen was doing is a rampant practice among Democratic voters who have dual residents in Florida and northern states. During the 2000 presidential election controversy, investigative reporting uncovered thousands of New York Democratic voters who were registered in both New York and Florida and casting votes in both states. This is vote fraud, Mr. Dan Sigler. How you can look at yourself in the mirror after the miscarriage of justice you carried out in your prosecution of Charlie White is beyond me.

UPDATE: Breitbart also has a story about a Mississippi NAACP official who has been convicted of fraudulently casting absentee ballots for other people, including four deceased persons. Make no mistake about it. Democrats steal tens of thousands of votes in every election across this country through these nefarious activities. It's just that they are seldom caught and prosecuted for their crimes. Democrats do not believe in the concept of one man, one vote. They believe that the ends justifies the means, which allows you to win an election any way you can.

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