Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is This The 47% Problem Romney Says We're Facing?

The free Obama phones are no joke, incidentally. It was a rather obscure federal benefit for low-income Americans until Obama became president.
The program is called Lifeline, established in 1984 was originally created to subsidize landline phone service for low income Americans, funded by government-collected telecommunication fees, paid by consumers.
In 2008, the program was expanded to support cell phones which quickly escalated the cost of the program. In 2008 the program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion.
A 2011 audit found that 269,000 wireless Lifeline subscribers were receiving free phones and monthly service from two or more carriers. Several websites have been created to promote “free” government cell phones, including the”The Obama Cell Phone” website at


Gary R. Welsh said...

Fact Check = Obama Spin

CircleCityScribe said...

I personally know a person with 3 "Obama phones" at this time. It's easy, just sign up!

Obama has eliminated the need for work ethic. He's created a new low class of free-loaders who think the government owes them multiple phone lines at taxpayer expense, free housing with air conditioning and cable at taxpayer, free drug money at taxpayer expense.

It's a new cycle of dependency. It's evil.

M Theory said...

I have a good friend and co-worker who grew up in Indianapolis projects built on top of a landfill. He made good decisions, worked hard, and got out.

I showed him this video yesterday and he said the government is using the cell phones to track conversations the people make and also their whereabouts.

That would not surprise me. Her Obama phone comes with strings attached.

Rather than exhalting her Obama Phone, she should be demanding an Obama job!

Gary R. Welsh said...

The government has the capability of tracking the whereabouts and conversations of all of us in possession of cell phones and are according to NSA whistle blowers.

Indy Rob said...

For those who wonder about the costs of this boondoogle,

refer to Lifeline tax (a youtube video).

CircleCityScribe said...

...another point: If the Feds are going to assist people with telephone service, then how about they stick to basic land-line service only? Cell phones are a luxury and should not be provided by the government.

CircleCityScribe said...

Greg Morton calls it in this video:

Southsider said...

And I always thought the "Price is Right" was a tv show!