Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Local Fox News Reporter Owns Obama On His "Kill List" News, Weather

This is what real reporters do. Ben Swann, a local TV news reporter for Cincinnati's Fox 19, questions President Barack Obama like no member of the mainstream media will do. He directly confronts Obama about his "Kill List," which permits him to draw up a list of persons who he considers a threat to the U.S., including American citizens, and order them killed without ever being tried or otherwise afforded any concept of due process as provided under our U.S. Constitution. Obama dodged answering the question as a matter of national security. Swann is quick to point out that members of his own administration, including a top national security advisor and his former chief of staff, both confirmed the policy. "The way the president played this issue with us is really quite telling," Swann says. "When questioned about the constitutionality of a president, any president, having the power to order the deaths of U.S. citizens, he claims that he has never said he has a kill list and can discuss it further. A constitutional lawyer turned president using a power that violates the most basic principle in the Bill of Rights, leaking his use of it when it's politically expedient, then claiming it can't be discussed when it's not." Maybe Obama will have to start being a little more selective in what local news reporters to whom he chooses to grant interviews, or return to the White House press corp, which he can always count on to act as his cheerleaders.


Citizen Kane said...

It is sad when actual reporting / journalism is considered and anomaly.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing.
Fox News Channel always the Best